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2011 Educational Psychology Dissertations

Educational Psychology Dissertations with links to the full-text in the UDC: University Digital Conservancy

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Alt, Shirley J. (2011). What Differentiates a Fluent Reader from a Non-Fluent Reader and How Should We Assess It: Implications for the Classroom. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): Stanley Jay Samuels and Mark L. Davison. UDC:

Arikian, Aimee J. (2011). Who Does Not Return for Community Eating Disorders Treatment? An Examination of Personality, Eating Disorder and Situational Variables Measured at Initial Evaluation. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Thomas J. Hummel. UDC:

Bedford, Christopher L. (2011). The Role of Learning Agility in Workplace Performance and Career Advancement. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Thomas Skovholt. UDC:

Bemboom, Christina M. (2011). Evaluating Tier II Reading Instruction with High School Sophomores in a Response to Intervention Framework. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Kristen L. McMaster. UDC:

Canales Opazo, Tatiana A. (2010). Professional culture fit and work-related quality of life in academic departments: A phenomenographic approach. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): David W. Johnson. UDC:

Carlson, Sarah E. (2011). The Effects of Questioning During and After Reading on Inference Generation between Skilled and Less-Skilled Comprehenders. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): Paul van den Broek and Kristen McMaster. UDC:

Chaffin, Melissa C. (2011). Using BEA and Parent-Tutors to Boost Achievement for K-PALS Nonresponders. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): Matthew K. Burns. UDC:

Clinton, Virginia E. (2011). The effects of interest on inference generation while reading. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): Paul van den Broek and Sashank Varma. UDC:

Fehr, Charles N. (2011). Analysis of Two Randomized Field Trials Testing the Effects of Online Vocabulary Instruction on Vocabulary Test Scores. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): S. Jay Samuels and Mark L. Davison. UDC:

Hall-Lande, Jennifer A. (2011). Social Isolation as a Predictor of Future Risk: A Longitudinal Study. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): Sandra Christenson. UDC:

Johnson, Gina M. (2011). A Consideration of Issues Related to the Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Evaluation Use and Evaluation Involvement Scales. Ph.D., Quantitative Methods in Education. Advisor(s): Frances Lawrenz. UDC:

Lee, Heeyeon. (2011). Interpretation of Ambiguous Emotional Cues of Children with Developmental Cognitive Disabilities and Its Relation to Their Social Skills. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Susan C. Hupp. UDC:

Lee, Hyun K. (2011). An Investigation of Counselor Trainees' Perceptions of Supervisor Culturally Competent Feedback Behaviors and General Behaviors in Supervision. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Patricia McCarthy Veach. UDC:

Mensink, Michael C. (2011). The Influence of Prereading and Recall Instructions on Attention and Memory for Scientific Seductive Text. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): S. Jay Samuels, Paul van den Broek and David N. Rapp. UDC:

Rafdal, Brooke H. (2011). Effects of Graphical Feedback and Coaching on the Quantity and Quality of Parent-Child Language Interaction. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): Scott R. McConnell. UDC:

Seipel, Benjamin E. (2011). The Role of Implicit Learning in Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition while Reading. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): Paul W. van den Broek. UDC:

Someki, Fumio. (2011). Identifying the Characteristics of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) among Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Asha K. Jitendra and Frank J. Symons. UDC:

Stokes, Sarah B. S. (2011). The Relationship between Suspension, Student Engagement, and Dropout. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): Theodore J. Christ and Sandra L. Christenson.

Swinburne Romine, Rebecca E. (2011). Interview Codings of Attachment Style: Using Profile Analysis to Understand the Patterns Involved. Ph.D., Quantitative Methods in Education. Advisor(s): Michael C. Rodriguez. UDC:

Tolbize, Marie S. A. (2011). Examining the Link between Reported Practices Associated with a Comprehensive Model of Reading Service Delivery and Reported Outcomes of EL2 and EL1 Students. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): James E. Ysseldyke.

Tu, Chia-Chen. (2011). An Exploration of Sexual Trauma Therapists' Experience of Vicarious Trauma: Knowledge, Coping Strategies and Motivation Factors in Continuing Their Work. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Kay H. Wahl.

Wagner, Dana L. (2011). The Relative Effects of Various Intervention Approaches on the Reading Fluency and Comprehension of Fifth and Sixth Grade Struggling Readers. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Christine A. Espin.

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