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Anderson, Timothy J. (2010). The dynamic components of citizenship education and student engagement: Lessons for leaders and educators. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): C. Cryss Brunner. UDC:

Balbo, Maria L. (2010). A study of current interventions and professional development interests of teachers of early childhood special education for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Jennifer York-Barr. UDC:

Bergstrom, Amy A. (2009). Ji-aanjichigeyang 'to change the way we do things': Retention of American Indian students in teacher education. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Frank Guldbrandsen. UDC:

Bertucci, John A. (2009). The state of new teacher support programs in Minnesota public schools. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Jennifer York-Barr and Julie Kalnin. UDC:

Bogner, Leonard A. (2007). Emerging mental models of teaching and learning: Using lesson study in a career and technical education course. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): William Ammentorp.

Brookins, Tyrone. (2010). Perceptions of relationships between district and school level administrators on student achievement. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Nicola Alexander. UDC:

Brown, Rachel A. (2009). The purpose and potential of virtual high schools: A national study of virtual high schools and their head administrators. Ph.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): Karen Seashore. UDC:

Cameron, Mary L. (2011). No Child Left Behind: A review from a Critical Race Theory Lens. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Frank Gulbrandsen and Randy Hyman. UDC:

Cherry, Carolyn J. (2011). Superintendents' Perspectives on Early Childhood Education: Leadership at a Crossroads. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Kyla L. Wahlstrom and Karen Seashore.

Denton, Mary J. (2009). The lived experiences of lesbian/gay/[bisexual/transgender] educational leaders. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Cryss Brunner. UDC:

Diener, Nancy M. (2010). Cultural themes across generations: Exploring changes in lived experiences of six Deaf individuals. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Frank A. Guldbrandsen. UDC:

Fretheim, Ann M. (2007). Assessing the intercultural sensitivity of educators in an American international school. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): R. Michael Paige.

Gabriel, Jon B. (2008). Factors that contribute to successful sojourner adjustment related to working and living in another culture. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): Neal Nickerson.

Glazman, Charles M. (2008). Attainment at technical colleges: First-generation college students' observations on social mobility. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Frank Guldbrandsen and Joyce Strand.

Gregoire, Shirley A. (2009). Effectiveness of principals as evaluators of teachers. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Neal C. Nickerson. UDC:

Gresczyk, Richard A., Sr. (2011). Language warriors; Leaders in the Ojibwe language revitalization movement. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Peter Demerath. UDC:

Hammel, Karen M. (2008). Leadership preparation as one person's transformation: An ontology. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): C. Cryss Brunner.

Helmer, Janet. (2007). Factors influencing the referral of English language learners within an international elementary school: A mixed methods approach. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): Gerald W. Fry and Deanne Magnusson.

Hobert, Thomas M. (2010). A follow-up study of Eco Education's environmental service-learning program. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Deanne Magnusson and Neal Nickerson. UDC:

Hoody, Margaret L. (2008). Critical literacy in primary education: Policy, praxis and the postmodern. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): not stated

Kamrath, Barry J. (2007). High superintendent turnover: A multicase study of small rural school districts. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): C. Cryss Brunner.

Kaster, Jeffrey J. (2008). Assessing Christian discipleship in Catholic youth ministry. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Jennifer York-Barr. UDC:

Klindworth, Robert F. (2008). Leadership practices and pathways that matter to 21st century faith-based principals. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Jennifer York-Barr. UDC:

Kubik, George H. (2009). Projected futures in competency development and applications: A Delphi study of the future of the wildlife biology profession. Ph.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): Arthur M. Harkins and Gerald W. Fry.

Lloyd, Deborah A. (2009). Peers influencing peers: Substance abuse patterns among students in recovery schools. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Stuart S. Yeh. UDC:

Minnema, Edward Y. (2007). An investigation of data-driven practices at the high school level. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): Scott McLeod.

Mitchell, Lorraine M. (2009). Educators' understandings of white privilege and its impact on professional roles. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Frank Guldbrandsen. UDC:

Nierengarten, Geraldine M. (2007). What matters most: What administrators, special and general educators tell us about co-teaching in high school. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): not stated

Norman, Thomas L. (2006). An academic and industry partnership: A case study of the evolving role of continuing education at the University of Minnesota. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): William Ammentorp.

Oberstar, Vicki L. (2011). Superintendents' Perceptions of Career Development. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): Frank Guldbrandsen. UDC:

Ottino, Krista L. (2009). Diminished aspiration: Women central office administrators and the superintendency. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): C. Cryss Brunner. UDC:

Petite, Patricia K. (2007). Cultural values in tribal early childhood. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): William Ammentorp.

Pulkinen, Catherine M. (2008). Leadership experiences in indigenous language immersion contexts. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): Mary Hermes.

Queener, Raymond C. (2011). Effects of Laptop Initiatives on Student Achievement in Mathematics. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Kyla L. Wahlstrom and Michael L. Michlin.

Sbrocco, Renee. (2009). Student academic engagement and the academic achievement gap between Black and White middle school students: Does engagement increase student achievement? D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Karen Seashore. UDC:

Schluender, Wendy J. (2007). Developmental education: Faculty contribution to the design of developmental education programs. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): William M. Ammentorp.

Simberg, Kenneth E. (2006). Social adjustment of students of color attending predominantly White community colleges. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): Frank Guldbrandsen and William Ammentorp.

Steffen, Kathy J. (2008). In the wake of merger: Academic program changes in one upper-Midwest comprehensive two-year college. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): Jennifer York-Barr.

Stumpf, Jessica M. (2007). Meeting the needs: Does technical college education meet the needs of employers. Ed.D., OLPD. Advisor(s): William Ammentorp.

Warner, Karoline A. R. (2010). Leadership for learning: The principal and instruction. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Karen R. Seashore. UDC:

Welsh, Cynthia A. (2008). Making science education meaningful for American Indian students: The effect of science fair participation. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): Mary R. Hermes. UDC:

Wrobbel, Paul H. (2009). Motivational factors of pay-for-performance plans in educational institutions: A study of select private, faith-based schools. D.Ed., OLPD. Advisor(s): David W. Chapman. UDC:

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