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U of M workers reach settlement

AFSCME workers officially ended the 13-day strike on Friday. They were disappointed because they ended up settling for the same settlement the university had offered the first time.
This was a 2.25 percent raise for clerical and technical employees, while a 2.5 increase for health care workers.
The strike put strain on indviuals who supported families because if they did not end tbe strike now they would lose health care insurance benefits.
According to the Star Tribune article, which almost completely focused on the strikers' point of views, the average strker lost $1,800 in being out of work for two weeks.
This article was not as balanced as it could have been. It only included one quote from university adminstration, while several from strikers and supporters.
Another article, from the Pioneer Press, was much more impartial while still supporting the strikers. There had formerly been talk of legislative plans which would afford university adminstration more money to supplement their pay increase to contract workers, but no such disccusion was reported in either of these accounts of the settlement.