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14-year-old girl gives meth to classmates

Police arrested a 14-year-old girl Tuesday because she give methamphetamine to classmates at Hazel Park Middle School Academy.
The girl told police she had found it, but when police searched her house they found two grams of crystal meth.
She and seven other students were taken to a local hospital.
The girl was later released from the hospital and arrested.
It was discovered when a girl went to the school nurse saying she felt sick, anxious and scared.
She admitted she ingested the meth and was scared because she experienced side affects.
None of the other six students experienced any medical side affects.
The principal of Hazel Park Middle School Academy went on the school's television system to calm student's fears and questions.
This article written by Star Tribune was poorly written. The quotes taken from police in the article, one of which said "when she said she found it perhaps she found it at home", were unnessary, redundiant, and uninformative. They did not give us much information that wasn't already known or assumed, the exception being the principal of the school.
Pioneer Press' account of the incident was much more informative, though brief. They did include unnecessary quotes, but instead just attributed to the sources.
The sources in both articles are mostly human sources, and these are authority figures.
In the Pioneer Press article it also had the Ramsey County Attorney's Office as one source. This could have been a human or documents but it's unclear from the reference.