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Five people shot and killed in Wisconsin town

Five people were shot and killed early Sunday morning in Crandon, Wis. The article says police are still looking for the suspect.
Star Tribune used the radio station WTMJ in Crandon as one of their sources.
This source was supposed to have to some expert power because they are in the town of Crandon.
They said the suspect is believed to be a sheriff's deputy, and possibly part of the Forest County Swat Team.
Also they use the Associated press, which can be seen as a human and online source, as one of their sources.
The AP said the shooting were not confirmed by the Forest County Sheriff Department.
They quoted Forest County supervisor, Tom Vollmar, on the impact it made to the community.
This was again a human source.
Their sources were not varied because they all stemmed back to the radio station where this story was reported on.
The Pioneer Press' account also had information from the same sources, since it appears they both got the story from the Associated Press.
cnn.com story