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former Hennipen County worker erases 73 parking tickets

Dawn Nyberg had been working with the Hennipen County District Court for seven years and had a good reputation as a hard-working clerk.
She had recieved 73 tickets and avoided paying $5,112 in fines and fees because she used her power to expunge her records.
The 32-year-old worker was charged with swindle of public funds, forgery and misconduct of a public officer.
In June the Traffic Control Unit of the Minneapolis Police Department noticed the tickets had not been processed correctly.
They discovered that Nyberg had entered in incorrect information and erased her citations in the sysem only she and one other person had access to.
She resigned from her job ten day later on June 25.
She will appear in court on Nov. 29 where she faces a nine -year prison sentence if she receives the maximum.
Star Tribune did a good job of reporting this incident. It just seems a little because of the timing.
The reader does not discover until half-way down the article when all this occured.
Overall though they got some good quotes and sources to base it off.
I liked Pioneer Press article better because it had more of an inverted prymaid yet a different voice to it, making to more interesting to read.