December 3, 2007

Snow Storm Hits East and West Coast

Huge of amounts of snow fell in many parts of the East Coast Sunday and into Monday.
The storm caused 14 deaths in the Northeast.
Also flights at the Portland International Jetport in Maine were severely delayed because of connecting flights in the Midwest where the storm also hit.
On the West Coast, winds got up to 100 mph in some areas and the surf was 45 feet high, closing most major roads and most schools.
The article on CNN was informative.
It had quotes and facts about the deaths and injuries around the U.S. plus the information about delayed and canceled flights.
It was good how they focused on both coasts that were hit with storms instead of being one-sided.
It was an AP story so it was the same in most major news outlets.

November 10, 2007

Lawmakers upset about San Francisco Oil-Spill Communication

San Francisco residents and lawmakers were upset when they learned that there was a delay in the Coastal Guard's response when there was a huge fuel oil leak from a damaged ship earlier this week.
There was a four hour delay before the Costal Guard arrived.
Also they had originally reported only 140 gallons of oil that leaked, when in actuality it was 58,00 gallons.
Arnold Schwarnegger declared a state of emergency to clean up the mess and help the wildlife. reported this story and had a strong article.
They quoted several important people, and discussed the affects to the wildlife which is important to the story.
They also had some good sources to attribute to in the story.
The San Francisco Chronicle had several more quotes since it was a local story for them.
Also they had it in a very chronological order with times, and more detail.
Overall it was a better article because it was longer and more informative.

November 5, 2007

Denver shooting kills one and injuries seven

A shooting occured early Sunday outside of a Denver nightclub and killed one person and wounding seven others.
It happened just after 2 a.m., when the nightclub had closed.
The article a few comments from witnesses and family, which added more substance to the article.
It was very brief, since it had just occured and there was not much information to give out to readers.
Four of the victims were hospitalized, two in serious condition, and two in fair condition, hospital spokesman, Tony Encinias said.
The article was short, but informative.
There was good information and quotes to fill in what they did not yet.
This was an AP Press story so the information was the same on every major news outlet and there little known about the incident, except the death of one and injuries.

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October 27, 2007

FEMA official apologizes for using fake reporters in briefing

The Federal Emeregency Managment Agency had their No. 2 official apologize yesterday for holding a staged news conference Tuesday in which FEMA employees pretended to be reporters while real reporters were listening in on a telephone conference call.
FEMA had announced its news conference 15 minutes before holding it, not giving reporters enough to get there.
FEMA's Deputy Adminstrator, Harvey E. Johnson Jr. stood at the conference and answered questions from "reporters", who did not reveal that they were FEMA employees.
Many people are upset about this incident, and the White House press secretary said it was not something they practiced and was disappointed.
A Department of Homeland Security spokesperson, Russ Knocke, said reprimands would be "very probable".
The article on Washington Post's site was informative and interesting with several quotes. Overall, it was a good article.
An interesting blog article can be found here
I think this article tells the reader's what the real response of the Department of Homeland Security was, but also recaps what did happen on Tuesday and FEMA's explanation of it.

October 7, 2007

Purpose of appendix supposedly found has an article about how the appendix was discovered to be usefull for producing and protecting good germs for you gut.
The article has many sources including an online source.
They primarily reference an article published by a scientific journal of a theory believed by suregons and immunologists at the Duke University Medical School.
Their soures also included humans.
They talked to several professors and scientists which show their expert power.
The online article about this theory seems to have the most authoritive power because it was a study.
It was a little hard to understand because of some medical terms used, but overall it was a good article.
Also there is more information backing up this theory on the Scientific American website.

September 23, 2007

Jena suspect denied release from jail

A teenage boy was kept in jail Friday after a judge refused to let him go for beating a white classmate in Louisiana. The racial controversy surrounding the event led to a major civil rights protest earlier this week.
The 17-year old boy had asked for release but denied, which subsequently forefits his chances for release on bail as well.
Mychal Bell, the black suspect, is being tried at a juvenile court since he was 16 at the time of the beating.
He had previously been convicted of aggravated second-degree battery but this was appealed since he is being tried as a juvenile.
The "Jena 6"case, as its called, brought with it a huge debate about the equality of the U.S. justice system. Thousands of students, as well as civl right leaders, gathered to Jena, Louisiana to protest the prosecution.
Students are reported in the Fox News account as wanting to be involved in racial demonstrations as their parents were in the 50s and 60s.

September 15, 2007

O.J. Simpson questioned for Las Vegas incident

O.J. Simpson was questioned by police Friday for barging into a Las Vegas hotel room to claim stolen property.

Police are investigating the siutation to see if weapons were involved. Simpson says, "It's stolen stuff that's mine. Nobody was roughed up."
CNN goes into detail about the exchange Simpson had with a sports memorbilia collector, Bruce Fromong.
Fromong said there were two other men involved and there were guns involved.
According to police Simpson has been fully cooperating and the allegations are still being investiagated.

September 9, 2007

Ex-Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Released

The ex-Duke Lacrosse prosecutor of the team rape case in Durham was released Saturday from a 24-hour sentence served for lying to the court regarding evidence presented. Fox News quoted several citizens for their comments to the former prosecutor. Nifong seemed to have many supporters for the way he represented the lacrosse players in the case. Fox news also gave a quick summary of this Duke scandal, which was much needed since the event took place several months ago.
CBS News reported the the same story but with the focus mainly on the players who are seeking $30 million in settlement. This article had a different persepctive and tone since there were not any direct quotes from Nigong or the citizens. There were many facts and figures presented concerning the city of Durham and the players' settlement with the city.