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Tiny bit about me; not much to tell

Hi there! I'm Pat Hayes, and I have done a tiny bit of blogging before...I'm still a little new to it (at least on this site, I used another site for another class I took).

Anyways, I'm from the Twin Cities, and am switching out of the IT Department to rid myself of the evil Computer Science major. Goku from the Dragon Ball TV shows is kinda my role model, along with my Dad, an English teacher I had last year, and a couple good friends I have that currently live throughout the Midwest. I used to be a big video gamer, but other things have taken up some of that, like running, reading (Golden Compass, Harry Potter, and Wicked reign supreme), and mainly spending time with family and friends. I have a lot of both, something I am very thankful for. "Spoiled" doesn't come close to how lucky I am...and I'm learning these days that I'm not very deserving of all of the blessings I have...

(My current role model, Goku-son of Dragon Ball Z, from "Legendary Goku". He is naive and childish, but his pure heart and good will make up for that...I don't have a lot of quality traits about myself, so I guess I can only hope that I can make up for that by being good-natured and honest)

Anyways, hope that I can learn to be good at blogging at the end of this course; I'm not terribly experienced at it, and my writing has gotten very bad over the past couple years...but so yeah! I'd talk more about myself, but this is a blog about myself in relation to the world around me (between architecture and service) I already gave too much away for anyone reading to care much about ^_^.