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April 25, 2008

A Couple Title Pages

Sus Green.gif

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April 22, 2008

Volunteering – 04/16/08

Again at Cityview – the day starts off just as usual. I learn that a little later we will be watching a movie. I am surprised to learn that the movie will be An Inconvenient Truth. The first part of this surprise is quite pleasant because this would go nicely with what I had doing anyway for the Millennium Development Goal project I had been working on (Goal 7 – ensure environmental sustainability). I had sustainability on the mind. The second half of my surprise was that it was being shown to a classroom full of fifth graders – and they were restless to begin with. I was very curious to see how kids this young would react to this movie, one with a lot of information, a lot of stats, and one that is narrated by Al Gore.

As I expected most of them seemed bored with it. But they were quiet for the most part, and a couple students looked like they were paying attention, somewhat interested. So, I guess if it arouses interest in even a couple of minds it is worth showing.

April 21, 2008

Volunteering – 04/09/08

Back at Cityview and we’re working on homework again. Most of the kids have a math worksheet to do, multiplication and division with word and picture problems. One student who I had noticed is usually alone – who doesn’t talk much but still isn’t that quiet because of his constant wondering and fiddling – seemed to be having trouble with the math worksheet. I offered to help but he wouldn’t even respond to me, so I let him be. I went around briefly answering questions from other students, then went back to the first student to see if he would accept any help this time. He seemed annoyed with me and basically told me to leave him alone, so I did. I began to help a student sitting close to him. Something must have made the first student change his mind because as I went through the worksheet with the other student he asked several times for my help. I went back and forth between the two students, and once the second student had all the help he needed I sat down with the first student and we finished the worksheet.

April 17, 2008

Presentation Styles

One place I found as inspiration was City of Sound – as they will tell you, it is a website dedicated to cities, design, architecture, media music and more.

City of Sound.gif

Here you can find a number of interesting projects, well documented and well displayed

building design.jpg