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Volunteering – 04/16/08

Again at Cityview – the day starts off just as usual. I learn that a little later we will be watching a movie. I am surprised to learn that the movie will be An Inconvenient Truth. The first part of this surprise is quite pleasant because this would go nicely with what I had doing anyway for the Millennium Development Goal project I had been working on (Goal 7 – ensure environmental sustainability). I had sustainability on the mind. The second half of my surprise was that it was being shown to a classroom full of fifth graders – and they were restless to begin with. I was very curious to see how kids this young would react to this movie, one with a lot of information, a lot of stats, and one that is narrated by Al Gore.

As I expected most of them seemed bored with it. But they were quiet for the most part, and a couple students looked like they were paying attention, somewhat interested. So, I guess if it arouses interest in even a couple of minds it is worth showing.