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Minnesota Medical Leaders presents Med Fair: A Week Focusing on Primary Care

Wondering about different aspects of medicine? Thinking about becoming a physician and want to learn from the professionals? The student group, Minnesota Medical Leaders, presents Med Fair: A Week Focusing on Primary Care

Check out this week-long event, filled with speakers, students and more!

Speakers and Events:

Monday 10/15 @ 6:00pm:
Dr. Grant Morrison on Sports Medicine

Tuesday 10/16 @ 1:00pm:
Dr. Laura Sisson on Behavioral Health

Wednesday 10/17 @ 1:00pm:
Dr. Stewart Speedie on Telemedicine

Thursday 10/18 from 10:00am-2:00pm:
FAIR on the front lawn of Coffman: attend and get a chance to win a FREE Kaplan course!
@ 5:00pm:
Michael Pipestone on Family Medicine Practitioners

For more information, visit:

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