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Is there a life beyond Architecture?

"If you were released from the architecural school program what would you do to impact the environment?"



There is just something about a forest. It's a majestic and enlivening experience when one gets a chance to view such an amazing thing. Some trees stand over 100 feet tall and can be several feet across spanning a life time of nearly one hundred years! "Forests not only make us feel alive they help us live" (Conservation.org).

There are events going on today which threaten this experience. Deforestation is killing our trees and killing the environment. Generally, the removal or destruction of significant areas of forest cover has resulted in a degraded environment with reduced biodiversity. In many countries, massive deforestation is ongoing and is shaping climate and geography.


"The burning and clearing of forests contributes more than one-fifth of total global greenhouse gas emissions – more than the emissions of all of the world’s cars, trucks, trains, and planes combined" (Conservation.org).

“Protecting the world’s remaining forests will significantly reduce climate change, maintain the livelihood of millions of people who depend on the forest and protect a huge amount of the world’s biodiversity? said Greenpeace Amazon Campaign Co-ordinator Paulo Adario.


My solution to curb deforestation and replant the effected areas is to become a hydroponic tree farmer. In general, trees would be grown using a hydroponic system. Once the saplings have reached a mature stage they would be moved to the location where they could be planted in soil to start the forestation process.

The hydroponic system uses no soil and the plants are grown in an inert growing medium, the plants do not get anything from the growing medium. The plants receive only what you give them, nothing more, you have complete control over pH, nutrients and the nutrient strength.


An example of a commercial hydroponic system can be seen in this video growing lettace:

The reason for selecting a hydroponic system instead of simply panting seeds in soil is that large-scale farms usaully cause much more damage to the environment than intended. Negative aspects of farming include depleting the soil of nutirients, pollution due to runoff, and wasteful water consumption.

Lets maintian a healthy forest.