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The Environmental "Effect"

The environment has a strong influence on people shaping the way one lives and most of all their culture. The vernacular architecture from these distinct cultures responding to the differing environmental constraints provides evidence of how people conform to their surroundings overcoming the present oppositions.

Examples of this kind can be seen through the architecture of Cappadocia, Turkey where this culture has dug into the mountains and created a society of their own. Cappadocia's response to the opposition of nature created a secure hiding place for early christian followers and inturn create a unique society with a shared culture.


Throughout history culture has been threatened and continually destroyed by urbanization and governemental influence. Such as the Marsh Arabs whose society was based on the use of reeds which grew around their homes floating in the marshes of southern Iraq. When Saddam Hussein rerouted the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers he successfully destroyed the Marsh Arab society and threatened the life of a historical culture.


In today's built environment large urban cities have destroyed the unique cultural identifiers of the ancient world. Today culture is seen through the built environment in expressive architecture, artwork, and personal expression.