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Presentation Response

One presentation that I found interesting was the renewal of Riverside Towers in Minneapolis, MN. This group devised a plan to update the towers with sustainablitiy and efficiency in mind. Ideas included installing oxygenating showerheads, recyling water, replacing light bulbs with energy efficeint flourescent bulbs, replacing the elevators with updated styles, installing recyling centers, and replacing the glass with triple pane windows. All these solutions seem like a great idea to decrease the negative environmental impact such large housing units have, but how and who would pay for this? 1,300 apartment units is a lot. I think this project would reach a very high cost. I believe providing better living conditions for low-income families is a good idea, but maybe could be tackled on a smaller scale. Personally, I would rather see the building demolished since they are so ugly and present an eye sore to the rich modern Minneapolis skyline. The powerpoint presentation was creative using images which highlight and fade out as the slides changed topics.

A second presentation I found interesting was about Somalia. This group pushed for an increase in technology to help deliver aid and improve the societal conditions. For example, providing laptops would help educate students, and cell-phones were being used for communication and even delivering emergency information via text message. I agree that it is important to provide technology to these third world countries. Technology is key for a diverse education and for these students to advance their education they need resources to access the internet and do research. I was also was caught by the great use of powerful imagery in their powerpoint too.

Overall, the presentation on Thursday were all very impressive and focused on a variety of goals in differing regions. Each group had unique solutions to the goals which I found interesting.