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The phenomenon of music

The phenomenon that I will be dicussing is music. Music, obviously, is all around us. It exists in every corner of the world and in every culture. When one analyzes and studies music, it indeed is an amazing phenomenon. It can easily be related to the "things, frameworks, and clockworks" perspective of phenomena. The things that make up music are plentiful, such as instruments, voices, notes, directors, production, mixing, remixing, soundtracks, and many more. These are the physical things that music is made up of and that come out of music. The frameworks of music are the things that surround it. For example, political messages in music such as the common case for the rock band Rage Against the Machine, are frameworks of music. Here is a picture of Rage Against the Machine, which was obviously one of the greatest rock bands of all time.
Through music, artists can express themselves and their views and any topic. Another possible framework is the culture that surrounds a certain type of genre of music. An example of this framework is the hip-hop culture, and how it has evolved from the original hip-hop music of the 1980's. Clothing, dance, rap battling, beatboxing, and DJ's are a few examples of the frameworks that surround hip-hop music. Music invlolves many clockworks as well. In almost any type of music, there are repeated notes and rhythms. Often in techno music, beats and sounds will be looped over and over throughout the entire song. Also, in many music genres, the chorus is sung multiple times over the course of the song. Music is an everyday and universal phenomenon that can be analyzed using things, frameworks, and clockworks.