February 1, 2009

Blog Post 2

Blog Post #2 Assignment- Critical reading
Instead of posting to the blog for this week’s assignment you will be asked to do a critical reading of one of the pieces for that week. This is not meant to be an extensive paper, actually it only needs to be about ½ a page, and is designed to help you read to pull out the main points/claims of the author’s piece, the evidence the author gives to support their claim, and your understanding of their explanation and strength of conclusion.
This is a quick blog length assignment and because the articles you have to read are much larger I ask that for the Storey and hooks pieces you only choose a section to write about and for the Senna piece you can choose a “time period? in her life.
When you read the article answer these questions:
1) What claim(s) is the author making in their piece?
2) What evidence does the author give to support their claim(s)? If you have listed more than one claim, please list evidence for each one.
3) How does the author demonstrate the thought process that links the claims and the evidence?
4) What are reasonable opposing claims can you make towards the claims of the author?
Please you have from Jan. 30-Feb. 3 to email your assignment to me at