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Wrapping UP

I have really enjoyed this course. I know I have been behind on technology because I haven't taken the time to learn what is out there. This was great. I love lists so my favorite exercise was developing the "To Do List" . This course will help me in my everyday work beause I learned most of these technologies are easy to use. I also have a much better understanding of blogs. I feel blogs would work much better then the discussion section on our portals.

What surprised me the most was all the technologies that were available for no cost. Flicker will be great for uploading pictures and google docs has a lot of potential for when I do projects with others.
I don't want to give the lame answer of "I wouldn't change anything", but in this case I really would not. I liked being able to complete it on my own time. The time frame was nice and each unit only took a short time to complete. I liked this better than having fewer lessons that took longer.

I would definetely take a course like this again. I hope you do it at least 1 or 2 times a year as technologies change so quickly.

Thanks again. This has been very helpful!!