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Day 2

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Last night, as I was looking ahead to today (Monday), I realized I didn't take out a beef roast in enough time to thaw. My plans were to flip flop the Tuesday and Monday dinner menus. I got home from work late and Kurt and the girls had been in town running errands so walked in the door just a few minutes before I got home. Since it was already past our regular meal time and everyone was hungry and tired, I took the easy way out and made mac and cheese. I made it from scratch so I like to think it is a little healthier than the boxed version. The next two days are really hectic too so I'm thinking I should have started this another week, but the reality is most families are busy.

Since I didn't do the evening menu as listed, the only item I needed to prepare was the potato soup. I made it on Sunday evening. I thought it tasted good. I did add some salt and pepper though as the recipe didn't call for either. It is a very basic potato soup. The one from the Iowa Calendar tastes better. Here are the ratings for the potato soup:

Sarah = ate school lunch
Ella = smiley face
Mary = smiley face
Kurt = sad face. Kurt didn't think it had any flavor.

The next two days will probably stray from the menu. Hopefully, I'll get back on track the rest of the week.

Shopping Day

Today was shopping day for Week One. The bill came to $112.00. If time allows, I plan to calculate the cost per meal as some of the items I purchased (such as cornflakes) I only need to use half a cup. It was interesting the family checking out in the next aisle had a bill of $116.00 and way more groceries, most of which were highly processed. I will say it is nice to have the shopping done and know what we will be eating for the next week.

A Two Week Adventure in Feeding Their Future

For years I have thought I should try out the two week menu in the back of the "Loving Your Family, Feeding Their Future" booklet.  I don't know exactly why, but this week I was really inspired to give it a try.  I also thought it would be a good opportunity to improve my blogging skills.  Thus, here I am with a "Loving My Family, Feeding Their Future" blog.


Here's the plan.  Starting on Sunday, I'm going to implement the two week menu found at the back of the Loving Your Family, Feeding Their Future Guidebook. http://www.nal.usda.gov/fsn/Loving/HealthyFamilyGuidebookEnglish.pdf


For those of you who aren't familiar with Loving Your Family, Feeding Their Future, it is a curriculum for SNAP-Ed educators to use to help people on food support make healthy food choices on a limited budget.  It has good information and easy to follow recipes...and a two week menu.  I work with the SNAP-Ed program in Minnesota


My husband, Kurt, does a lot of the meal preparation and is willing to take on the challenge.  Sarah (6) and Ella (3)  will be official taste testers by rating the foods with smiling, straight or sad faces. 


Here are my guidelines:


·         We will follow the menu as closely as possible.

·        We can make adjustments for fruit/vegetables depending on what is in season or on sale.

·         Several of the meals have lemonade or unsweetened ice tea with meals, but we will be serving milk.

·         If our schedule has us out and about, we aren't going to hurry home just so we can make what is on the menu.

·         Since this is just a fun experiment and not a scientific research project, these guidelines are subject to change on a whim!


Here is what I'm interested in learning:

  • How easy are the meals to prepare?
  • How much time does it take to prepare?
  • Are the meals good?
  • Will we be hungry, satisfied or overly fuel?
  • How much will it cost?

One thing I know is that for the next 14 days I won't have to wonder what is for supper!



Here are the futures I will be feeding:

Ella and Sarah



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