Day 2

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Last night, as I was looking ahead to today (Monday), I realized I didn't take out a beef roast in enough time to thaw. My plans were to flip flop the Tuesday and Monday dinner menus. I got home from work late and Kurt and the girls had been in town running errands so walked in the door just a few minutes before I got home. Since it was already past our regular meal time and everyone was hungry and tired, I took the easy way out and made mac and cheese. I made it from scratch so I like to think it is a little healthier than the boxed version. The next two days are really hectic too so I'm thinking I should have started this another week, but the reality is most families are busy.

Since I didn't do the evening menu as listed, the only item I needed to prepare was the potato soup. I made it on Sunday evening. I thought it tasted good. I did add some salt and pepper though as the recipe didn't call for either. It is a very basic potato soup. The one from the Iowa Calendar tastes better. Here are the ratings for the potato soup:

Sarah = ate school lunch
Ella = smiley face
Mary = smiley face
Kurt = sad face. Kurt didn't think it had any flavor.

The next two days will probably stray from the menu. Hopefully, I'll get back on track the rest of the week.

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The busy-ness seems so often the issue, doesn't it? I'll have to check out the recipe on the Iowa State Calendar:)!

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