Day 10 - Doing Our Best

You've probably noticed that we haven't been following the menu too closely. We've mainly been doing the main entree and either lunch or dinner. It seems like our schedule has been hectic lately. It would be fun to try the menu when I have nothing else going on, but that won't happen.

Tonight the recipe was Beef Stir Fry. We used fresh vegetables instead of frozen. We all gave it a smiley face. Again, we liked the stir fry from week one a bit better as it had more sauce. Like I mentioned yesterday, Sarah is growing out of her "picky" stage. It was so fun when she was eating the stir fry and told Ella, "Try the carrots there really good and taste the onions." Colleen Gengler, Family Development, shared a slide on how children's willingness to try foods changes with age. There is a big drop in their willingness to try foods between 2 and 6. After 6, they are more willing to try foods again. Sarah sure is following the graph.

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