Day 11- Too Cute!


Lunch was just a spinach salad. Since we didn't try the bean and cheese enchiladas for lunch yesterday we tried those too. I gave it a smiley face. Kurt just gave it a straight face as he thought it could have used salsa and some onion. Ella's response was the best! She was excited to eat it. She took a big bite, spit it out and said, "Oh, gross!!" I think that was the first time I've heard her refer to a food as being gross and there is no way to describe the look on her face. It was hard not to laugh. I guess we'll say Ella gave it a sad face!

I have really found the lunches to be a struggle as I don't always have access to a microwave. Nearly all the lunch menus have an item that needs to be baked or heated.

Kurt's mom took us out for supper tonight so we didn't have the chicken and noodles.


I finally had a chance to read your blog. It sounds like you and family are experiencing all the reasons we hear from clients that menu planning is a challenge and hard to stick to. Imagine doing this and wondering if the money would be enough. Good rating system. It helps me to know what recipes might be winners...

I think you're doing great with the blog. It does show how busy families are and how things come up. That's reality.

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