Day 5- Thursday...Back on Track

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The baked spicy fish was very good. The title is a bit misleading as when one hears "spicy" most think hot. This dish, however, was a nice variety of mild spices. I liked it because it added a lot of flavor to baked fish. For low income families, this could be an expensive meal. Two fillets cost $14.00. Luckily the girls weren't very hungry as there was really only enough fish for 2 or 3. I had a hard time finding fish at our store. Maybe larger metro areas have more of an option. The recipe called for cod, but I'm sure tilapia could be used instead as this is often on sale. I prefer to purchase only USA and Canadian seafood so that limits my options.

Adding a dash of cinnamon to the sweet potatoes was a nice twist. We just served romaine lettuce instead of turnip greens. We would make the fish and sweet potatoes again.

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Hi Mary -
Fun to read this - and frankly I'm really glad to see that it's hard for you to stay on a regular menu of even pre-planned meals. I know that I often wake up in the morning with the best intentions of a making a hearty supper, and by the time suppertime rolls around, I am lucky to have the time and energy to stick bagels in the toaster and slice up some fruit and veggies for the kids!
I like your rating system for the foods - and your girls are SOOOO beautiful!!!!!

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