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Ever heard of Steve Kardynal? He is a Youtube sensation! Steve is in his early twenties and is a goofy dude (even goofy looking).He is known for making inappropriate humor videos, aimed at twenty-something year olds. Steve has over one million subscribers on Youtube and because of it, gets paid pretty handsomely. He is said to be a 'Youtube Millionaire' by Steve created a video series entitled "Songs in Real Life" which is one of his most successful pieces on the internet and also, my favorite! These videos take popular pop songs and add it to real life situations. The first video came out Feb 2011 and since it was such a hit, Steve is still making the series (the 4th came out in August 2013). The first Songs In Real Life have over 22,000,000 views! Along with this popular series, Steve has created dozens and dozens of videos of pure humor and many parodies. One of his earlier parody videos entitled "peacock" was taken down by Youtube for being too inappropriate. The video is Steve in a bikini (of course) singing the Katy Perry song while suggestively making references to a specific body part. "Peacock" received over one million views then days later, Youtube decided to take it down. Steve shortly after put up a video entitled "f*** you youtube" (Nov 2010) which was him yelling at Youtube for taking down this video. Steve reports that Youtube typically takes down inappropriate videos within days but the thing that bothers him with this video is that it was up for a couple months, reached the one million mark then they took it down. I'm not sure how it works for him getting paid but I can understand his frustration. I don't think making a public funk to the staff of Youtube is the best idea but I guess there were no hard feelings. I did re-check Youtube to see if "Peacock" was back and turns out, it is! It got re-posted February 2011; maybe his "f*** you video" worked! There isn't any other information I can find on whether other videos of his were taken down but its clear that Steve Kardynal is here to stay! Watching SIRL and the other Steve Kardynal videos not only puts a huge smile on mine and other peoples faces but it inspires me to entertain others the way he does! (minus the bikini's and thrusting!)

Do you like Steve Kardynal?
Whats your favorite video of his?
Do you think its right what Youtube did?

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