Vatican Learns One Lesson

The Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano recently praised The Beatles, saying that despite the past, the music is good, reports The Associated Press.

On the subject of John Lennon' s "Bigger than Jesus" statement, the L'Osservatore said it wasn't that scandalous, reports The Associated Press.

Ringo Star recalled that the Vatican had once claimed that The Beatles were satanic, reports CNN.

He also said that the Vatican should have more to talk about than The Beatles, reports CNN.

Officer Shooting in Woodbury

A Woodbury Police officer was shot and wounded Thursday evening after arriving at a domestic call, reports the Star Tribune.

The officer shot and killed Timothy Hanson after being shot, reports The Pioneer Press.

Hanson had a history with the law and also received many visits from Police officers at his Woodbury home, reports the Star Tribune.

Hanson worked for St. Paul's Public Works Department, where he was suspended nine times, reports the Star Tribune.

Murder-Suicide Supected in Columbia Heights

Early Saturday a woman and her husband were found dead at a restaurant parking lot in Columbia Heights, reports The Pioneer Press.

Police believe that it was a murder suicide and according to a family member the wife had been planning to leave her husband, reports the Star Tribune.

While police have not yet confirmed that the husband killed the wife, they are not looking for any suspects, reports The Pioneer Press.

Goldman Sachs, Hedge Funds, and Falling Stocks

The Securities and Exchange Commission is suing Goldman Sachs for securities fraud, reports the USA Today.

The SEC alleges that Goldman Sachs allowed clients to make investments without disclosing that the investment was created to fail, reports The New York Times.

The investments packaged by Goldman Sachs were created by a hedge fund creator who anticipated the burst of the real estate bubble, reports The New York Times.

The hedge fund against these investments made about $1 billion, reports USA Today.

Since the announcement of the lawsuit on Friday, Goldman Sachs stock has dropped along with other companies who are now believed to have participated in the same practices, reports The New York Times.

Volcano Ash Grounds Flights

Ash from a volcano in Iceland has resulted in no air travel for a large part of Europe, reports The New York Times.

The cancellations result in a loss of about $200 million a day, reports The New York Times.

Some airports in Europe will open as early as Sunday, but many will remain closed through part of Monday, reports CNN.

The halt of air travel prevented many from attending the Polish Presidents funeral, reports The New York Times.

Pawlenty and Romney Make Nice

Mitt Romney and Gov. Tim Pawlenty both spoke at a fundraiser to conservative group, the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, report Minnesota Public Radio.

Pawlenty and Romney are both possible candidates for the 2012 presidential election, reports the Star Tribune.

The two politicians were friendly and had kind words for each other, but some suspect that this will not last once election season heats up, reports the Star Tribune.

Pawlenty had previously made comments against Romney's part in bringing universal health care to Massachusetts, reports MPR

iPad Has Problems, Jobs Has Money.

Less than a week after the launch of the Apple iPad, consumers are reporting WiFiconnectivity problems, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

A troubleshooting guide has been created by Apple, reports the Christian Science Monitor. And those who have purchased an iPad are consulting Apple's discussion board hoping another consumer may have found solutions.

One early adopter, batzgam discovered that the dimmer switch affects the iPads ability to auto-connect, but there is still no solution for the inability for some to keep their iPad connected.

Apple sold 450,000 iPads for nearly $500 a piece since Saturday and is expected to release a newer iPad with 3G connectivity and WiFi later this month, reports CNN.

Today Apple unveiled iAd, which will allow for advertising within the apps that are provided on iPhones and iPads, reports Reuters.

Rescue Mission On Hold

The rescue mission to find the four remaining miners was again put on hold Thursday due to unsafe air conditions, reports the New York Daily News.

The mine explosion that occurred on Monday had killed 25 miners in West Virginia, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

Rescuers are hoping the four men are in an airtight chamber which is located underground, reports the New York Daily News.

Investigations into the cause of the explosion and whether or not violations occurred will be lead by Norman Page, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

There were also two mining accidents in China this week. 40 miners were killed in Yinchuan while 115 were saved in China's Shanxi province, reports Reuters.

Video Released of Civilian Victims

A graphic video of the shooting of Reuters employees in Baghdad was released Monday on, reports The New York Times.

While the video does not show hostile action prior to the shootings, United States military officials said that the soldiers were engaged in hostile force, reports The New York Times.

The video includes audio of soldiers commenting on the dead, reports The New York Times.
A U.S. military official also said that it was unclear to the soldiers whether the Reuters
employees were carrying camera's or handguns, reports the New York Post.

Hastings Middle School Lockdown Results in Five Felonies

A Hastings eighth-grader has been charged with five felonies after threatening teachers and classmates with a gun at Hastings Middle school, reports the Star Tribune.

Inside the gun were bullets that were not the proper size, reports The Pioneer Press.

The 14-year-old-boy got the gun from a gun safe after finding the key at his foster home, reports the Star Tribune.

The boy said that he wanted to scare some classmates reports the Star Tribune.