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Similar Multimedia

USA Today and The New York Times both have multimedia options. They both often offer pictures or videos. I compared the slideshows of the coverage of the earthquake that hit Chile on Saturday. Most of the pictures were provided by the Associated Press or Getty Images.

Mostly the pictures were only accompanied by a short description. Sometimes there was a second sentence putting the scene into context, but more often there was a link to an article.

Move Over Farmville, Here Comes Chatroulette.

The newest phenomenon to hit the internet is Chatroulette created by 17-year-old Andrey Ternovskiy, reports The New York Times.

Chatroulette involves video chatting with random strangers and simply clicking next will present a new random stranger, reports New York Magazine.

The site is growing fast with as many as 50,000 users at one time, reports The New York Times.

Chatroulette is no place for children due to the likelihood of the random strangers being randomly naked, reports The New York Times.

Ternovskiy tells The Times that those who expose themselves are "not very nice guys" and he has not yet added features to Chatroulette because he is not sure what it is yet.

A video explaining Chatroulette can be seen here

Weatherization Program Slowly Warming Homes

The weatherization program in Minnesota is moving slowly, only spending a reported 8 percent of stimulus money that expires in 2012.

Saving energy, money, and creating jobs was the purpose of the program reports The Pioneer Press.

Star Tribune reports that the 8 percent figure does not reflect the spending that occurred in 2010, which brings the figure closer to 12 percent.

The implementation of the program took longer than expected due to delays in defining average wages and ensuring the funds did not get misused reports the Pioneer Press.

Lack of Damage Control Spurs Boycott

St. Croix Movie Theater faces boycott after offensive customer service.

After complaining via e-mail about an undesirable movie going experience on Saturday, Sarah Kohl-Leaf received an offensive response from the Evergreen Entertainment LLC vice president, reports the Pioneer Press.

A Facebook page calling for the boycott of the theatre has gained over 3,000 members which is more than the population of St. Croix Falls reports The Star Tribune.

Vice-president Steve Payne sent an apology to Kohl-Leaf on Sunday reports the Star Tribune

Read e-mails here

Meeting of the Minds

The health care summit held Thursday in Washington did not change the minds of Republican and Democrat leaders.

The televised summit lasted over six hours and contained brief moments of agreement between the two parties reports The New York Times.

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell wants the Democrats to start a new bill that would include more points that the parties possibly agree on reports CNN.

If the Democrats can all come to an agreement, they can move healthcare forward with a reconciliation process reports CNN.

Democrat sources told CNN that the plan is to have the legislation complete by the end of March.

Greece Closed due to Tax Payers Strike

Public sector employees shut down Greece Wednesday to protest the government's plan to decrease benefits and raise taxes in an effort to lower its debt.

This is the second protest to occur after the European Union told Greece that it must lower its $400 billion debt, reports The New York Times.

Arrangements made with Goldman Sachs and Greece that allowed Greece to borrow large amounts of money are being examined according to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, reports the Associated Press.

The New York Times reports that Goldman Sachs made $300 million in 2001 after helping Athens borrow billions.

Dalai Lama visits Obama

The US downplayed the Dalai Lama's Thursday visit with President Obama attempting to avoid tension with China.

The Dalai Lama was not offended by the lack of fanfare upon his arrival reports the USA Today.

China expressed "extreme dissatisfaction" with the meeting CNN reported.

China had cut off political exchanges after France and Germany had met with the Dalai Lama reports CNN.

Conan on the Road

Conan O'Brian could return to the public eye before September 1

His deal with NBC does not allow him to appear on television prior to September but The New York Times reports that there is talk of O'Brien appearing live at multiple venues.

A source told The New York Post that "There's nothing to stop him doing his show in front of an audience at venues like Radio City"

New York Post also reports that even though there is not yet negotiations with Fox, O'Brien is "keen" to the idea of joining the network.

Suicide Pilot Hits IRS

A pilot intentionally crashed his plane into an office building Thursday in Austin, Texas because of frustrations with the government.

The building that Joseph Stack crashed into included an IRS office reported Time Magazine.

Thirteen people were injured with 2 in critical condition reports The Washington Post.

Stack had left a rant on the web referring to corporate giants and an irrational tax system reports Time Magazine

Authorities have assumed that Stack is the only casualty of the plane crash.

Economy Hits Catholic Schools

St. Paul will lose two Catholic schools at the end of the year due to lack of funds.

St. Bernard's High School who has had dwindling enrollment currently has 198 students with 80 percent on financial aid reports The Pioneer Press.

Holy Childhood has 48 students grade pre-K through 8 reports The Star Tribune.

Archbishop John Neinstedt said the lack of enrollment has caused the schools to be a "financial burden on their parishes."

The Pioneer Press reports that in 2003 St. Bernards owed the archdiocese around $2 million but was able to raise money to keep the school open.

Since 2004 three other St. Paul Catholic Schools have been closed by the archdiocese reports the Pioneer Press.

Blue Shield

A Former Stillwater police officer was acquitted Friday of charges involving criminal sexual conduct.

Star Tribune reports that Scott G. Geving was charged with four counts including stalking, harassment and criminal sexual conduct that allegedly took place between 2006 and 2007.

Geving had resigned earlier this year after 11 years with the Stillwater Police reports the Stillwater Gazette.

Geving was also acquitted of charges in October 2009 for groping a hotel clerk and had a trial scheduled January 25 for attempting to exchange a DUI ticket for sex, reports the Stillwater Gazette.

The most recent acquittal occurred after defense attorney convinced the jury that the lack of a proper investigation resulted in inadequate evidence reports the Star Tribune.

Unfavorable but Captivating

Sarah Palin's popularity is not cohesive with the media's coverage of her reports The Pioneer Press.

In a recent ABC poll, 55 percent of Americans had an unfavorable view of Palin, and 71 percent thought she was unqualified to be president. Amongst republicans 52 percent do not find Palin to be qualified to be president.

Despite her low ratings the media has extensively covered Palin and the coverage often receives high ratings reported Pioneer Press.

Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, John Thune, Haley Barbour and Mitch Daniels are republicans that operatives have rated in front of Palin for landing a spot on the republican ticket reports The Pioneer Press.

Gay Marriage Gets Religious Support

Supporters of Gay Marriage rallied at the state capitol Thursday shortly before Governor Pawlenty gave his address to the state.

Pawlently has previously voiced that he would veto any bill supporting same sex marriage reports the Star Tribune.

"I Do Support Love Freedom to Marry Day Rally" was organized by OutFront Minnesota reports KARE11

Clergy members, politicians and some gubernatorial candidates attended the rally reports KARE11

Big Claims Create Little Fear

America and France do not believe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's claim made on Thursday that Iran has the capacity to produce nuclear grade weapons.

The Iranian president announced at a rally that while the capacity to build weapons exists it is not used because they "don't need it" reports The New York Times.

The White House Press Secretary said the announcement was "based on politics, not on physics" The AP reported

The AP also reports that the foreign minister of France does not think the claims made are true.

Red Rock Line Back on Track

Local organizers met with legislators on Monday to gain support for their plan to make the Red Rock commuter rail a reality.

The Red Rock rail corridor is projected to run from Hastings to St.Paul along Highway 61 and Interstate 94 reports Pioneer Press.

The current plan would have the train in motion by 2018 reports the Star Tribune.

The Red Rock Corridor Commission began a public relations campaign to gather pubic support which is necessary to move forward reports the Star Tribune.

Along with public support the plan will also need $550 million according to a 2007 study reports The Pioneer Press.

Americans Invited to Healthcare Discussion

President Obama invited America to watch a bipartisan health care summit to take place February 25.

The announcement was made during an interview with Katie Couric during the Super Bowl pre-game show according The New York Times.

While some republican senators are assuming the summit will result in an overhaul of the previous efforts to reform health care, a White House official told The Washington Post, "this is not starting over, don't make any mistake about that."

The New York Times reports that the expected role of the republicans will be to bring specific ideas to the table regarding health care reform.

This announcement was made nine days after Obama attended the GOP conference to answer questions live. The New York Times reports that the White House viewed the meeting as a "critical success."

Attribution analysis

The New York Times story "JPMorgan's Dimon Gets $17 Million Bonus" has three sources.
A regulatory filing, and Bloomberg News are used. The New York Times also used itself as a source. The attributions are scattered throughout the story and used effectively

Focus on $2.5 million

CBS will air an advocacy ad during the Super Bowl, funded by Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian group.

The 30-second ad has a pro-life message featuring a former college football player reports USA Today.

Previously CBS had restrictions on advocacy ads, but now says they will air ads that are "responsibly produced" according to USA Today.

Many women's rights groups have voiced their displeasure with the CBS's decision reports USA Today.

The Gainseville Sun reports that despite the national debate on their decision, CBS will air a second ad of the same likeness during the pre-game show.

The price of a Super-bowl commercial this size is between $2.5 million and $2.8 million reports USA Today.

New Light Rail Creates Lawsuits

Minnesota Public Radio is suing the Metropolitan Council for violating the agreements that were made involving the light rail that will run along Cedar Avenue.

MPR wants to ensure that the most effective method, which they believe to be steel, is used to dampen the light rail noise reports Pioneer Press.

The Met council says that rubber will work just as well and is cheaper.

Star Tribune reports that MPR had previously attempted to prevent the rail from running on Cedar which led to the agreement.

A St.Paul neighborhood group and the University of Minnesota have also sued the Met council because of the future light rail reports Star Tribune.

It's Bonus Time.

The chief executive of JPMorgan received a $17 million bonus for 2009.

Jamie Dimon's bonus is currently the largest on Wall Street for 2009, but the chief executive of Goldman Sachs is expected to also have a large bonus reports The New York Times.

The bonus is not in cash, but in stocks and options. Reuters reports that the bonus included 250,000 shares that are currently at $38.64.

Pastor John is a John

The pastor who was caught soliciting a prostitute pleaded guilty Wednesday in Ramsey County.

John Erbele was caught in a police sting September of last year after responding to a online prostitution ad reports the Pioneer Press.

Erbele will not serve in jail but will be on probation and must also receive counseling and complete 24 hours of community service along with "john school" says the Pioneer Press.

He was let go from his position as pastor after the incident, but received payment until November reports the Star Tribune.

Erbele was a pastor at Life Print Church in Prior Lake.

Recent Kidnapping Charges Raise Questions

Ten Americans were charged with child abduction and criminal conspiracy in Haiti on Thursday after attempting to take 33 children out of Haiti last Saturday without following the proper procedure, reports the New York Times.

The self-proclaimed missionaries said they only wanted to help the recently orphaned children, but many of the children still had at least one parent alive according to the New York Times.

The Ambassador of Haiti, Raymond Joseph, has said that "the charges signal that anarchy will not prevail, despite the earthquake's destruction of most government buildings in Port-au-Prince reports the Christian Science Monitor

The prosecutor, Mazil Fortil did not seek charging the Americans with human trafficking, but if convicted of the present charges, they could face up to 15 years in prison says The New York Times.

Parents of the children said they were told the children would be taken to the Dominican Republic to be educated while the website for the organization stated that the children would be eligible for adoption in the United States reports the New York Times.

The Times reports that the leader of the Baptist group is Laura Silsby, a businesswoman, whose employees in Utah have complained of unpaid wages. She is currently "trusting God for a positive outcome"

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