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Numbers for Budget Decrease

Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Schools / District to cut 144 full-time positions, ran in The Pioneer Press.

The story uses numbers referring to how many jobs are being cut, how many dollars have been cut and what percent of dollars will be cut.

There are many numbers used but it is not overwhelming, the numbers are used to give a clear picture of the decrease in funding.

The use of amounts as opposed to percentages is effective because the percentage alone would not give a clear picture of the effects of the budget decrease.

Obituary Analysis

The obituary in The New York Times for Jim Marshall follows the traditional obituary format. The lead explains what Jim did and also give examples of his notable work.

The famed photographer of many musicians was highlighted not only for his work, but also how it differed from others in his field. Unlike a resume the obituary goes beyond describing his accomplishments, but also describes what made them possible and what others thought of his work.

Obama's Weekly Address

President Obama spoke on health care during his weekly radio and internet address. The press release is the proposed transcript.

USA today, with information from the Associated Press, reported and offered video of Obama's address. Aside from reporting the on the address, the AP also explained the conflict between the parties, offered the opposing parties perspective, and explained what the next step will be.
The AP put Obama's words into the context of the legislative process. Obama did not say that he plans to move forward without the republicans but the AP, knowing about the process, is able to assume that Obama is referring to the reconciliation process.

Similar Multimedia

USA Today and The New York Times both have multimedia options. They both often offer pictures or videos. I compared the slideshows of the coverage of the earthquake that hit Chile on Saturday. Most of the pictures were provided by the Associated Press or Getty Images.

Mostly the pictures were only accompanied by a short description. Sometimes there was a second sentence putting the scene into context, but more often there was a link to an article.

Attribution analysis

The New York Times story "JPMorgan's Dimon Gets $17 Million Bonus" has three sources.
A regulatory filing, and Bloomberg News are used. The New York Times also used itself as a source. The attributions are scattered throughout the story and used effectively

Lead Analysis

In the Pioneer Press story reporting that the suspect in the cub stabbing wanted to go to jail, the lead includes who ,what, when and where. The explanation of what occurred offers the most detailed information in the lead. The explanation of the who is also detailed because it is referring to news from a previous time.

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