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Volcano Ash Grounds Flights

Ash from a volcano in Iceland has resulted in no air travel for a large part of Europe, reports The New York Times.

The cancellations result in a loss of about $200 million a day, reports The New York Times.

Some airports in Europe will open as early as Sunday, but many will remain closed through part of Monday, reports CNN.

The halt of air travel prevented many from attending the Polish Presidents funeral, reports The New York Times.

Video Released of Civilian Victims

A graphic video of the shooting of Reuters employees in Baghdad was released Monday on, reports The New York Times.

While the video does not show hostile action prior to the shootings, United States military officials said that the soldiers were engaged in hostile force, reports The New York Times.

The video includes audio of soldiers commenting on the dead, reports The New York Times.
A U.S. military official also said that it was unclear to the soldiers whether the Reuters
employees were carrying camera's or handguns, reports the New York Post.

Cardinal v. The New York Times

While Pope Benedict's seemingly lack of action is under scrutiny, top Vatican officials defend him and condemn the media, reports The New York Times.

Cardinal William Levada specifically singles out The New York Times for reporting the Pope's knowledge of sexual abuse by Rev. Lawrence C, Murphy, who had abused hundreds of deaf boys and never faced a canonical trial, reports the USA Today.

Levada and others said that Pope Benedict has worked to eliminate the abuse within the church, reports The New York Times.

The scrutiny of Pope Benedict also stems from his role in sending a pedophile priest through therapy and onto another parish. At the time the pope was an archbishop, reports The New York Times.

Levada also says that 60 percent of abuse cases since 2001 did not go to a canonical trial, reports The New York Times.

The Ballad of Hope and Change

Lawmakers have received threats and vandalism since the polarized vote in the House approved healthcare reform, reports the Associated Press.

The bill was approved on Sunday and since then legislatures, primarily democrats who voted for the bill, have endured scare tactics ranging from phone calls threatening family members to cut gas lines, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Republicans have condemned acts of violence and some have accused Democrats of using the situation to increase negative opinions of Republicans, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Some Democrats have reportedly credited the threats to the rally rhetoric of the Republicans, according to Reuters.

Sarah Palin's Facebook page and Twitter account have gotten attention due to gun related solutions that were offered for those who oppose the new bill, Reuters reports.

According to the Associated Press, at least 10 democrats, and two Republicans have been targeted with threats.

Google Redirects, Leaving China Uncensored

Google decided to relocate its Chinese search engine into Hong Kong after years of censoring content that China deemed unacceptable, reports The New York Times.

Google's choice to cease censorship in the largest Internet market occurred after hackers that infiltrated Google, and e-mail accounts of human rights activists, were traced back to China, reports The New York Times.

Google, which has had a censored search engine in China since 2006, is aware that China can block out the new search engine, reports USA Today.

The stocks of the more popular Chinese search engine, Baidu, have had a steady increase in the past months, reports The New York Times.

European Union Aims to Regulate Hedge Funds

The European Union is moving closer to an agreement that will put more regulation on hedge funds, reports Bloomberg News.

The New York Times reports that the British are concerned that they will lose some hedge fund business with these new regulations.

The U.S. Treasury Secretary is concerned that the new regulations will require U.S. based hedge funds to follow the rules when doing business with European nations, reports Bloomberg News.

Some European politicians believe hedge funds to be a factor in the Greece economy, reports The New York Times

Greece Closed due to Tax Payers Strike

Public sector employees shut down Greece Wednesday to protest the government's plan to decrease benefits and raise taxes in an effort to lower its debt.

This is the second protest to occur after the European Union told Greece that it must lower its $400 billion debt, reports The New York Times.

Arrangements made with Goldman Sachs and Greece that allowed Greece to borrow large amounts of money are being examined according to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, reports the Associated Press.

The New York Times reports that Goldman Sachs made $300 million in 2001 after helping Athens borrow billions.

Dalai Lama visits Obama

The US downplayed the Dalai Lama's Thursday visit with President Obama attempting to avoid tension with China.

The Dalai Lama was not offended by the lack of fanfare upon his arrival reports the USA Today.

China expressed "extreme dissatisfaction" with the meeting CNN reported.

China had cut off political exchanges after France and Germany had met with the Dalai Lama reports CNN.

Big Claims Create Little Fear

America and France do not believe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's claim made on Thursday that Iran has the capacity to produce nuclear grade weapons.

The Iranian president announced at a rally that while the capacity to build weapons exists it is not used because they "don't need it" reports The New York Times.

The White House Press Secretary said the announcement was "based on politics, not on physics" The AP reported

The AP also reports that the foreign minister of France does not think the claims made are true.

Recent Kidnapping Charges Raise Questions

Ten Americans were charged with child abduction and criminal conspiracy in Haiti on Thursday after attempting to take 33 children out of Haiti last Saturday without following the proper procedure, reports the New York Times.

The self-proclaimed missionaries said they only wanted to help the recently orphaned children, but many of the children still had at least one parent alive according to the New York Times.

The Ambassador of Haiti, Raymond Joseph, has said that "the charges signal that anarchy will not prevail, despite the earthquake's destruction of most government buildings in Port-au-Prince reports the Christian Science Monitor

The prosecutor, Mazil Fortil did not seek charging the Americans with human trafficking, but if convicted of the present charges, they could face up to 15 years in prison says The New York Times.

Parents of the children said they were told the children would be taken to the Dominican Republic to be educated while the website for the organization stated that the children would be eligible for adoption in the United States reports the New York Times.

The Times reports that the leader of the Baptist group is Laura Silsby, a businesswoman, whose employees in Utah have complained of unpaid wages. She is currently "trusting God for a positive outcome"

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