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Officer Shooting in Woodbury

A Woodbury Police officer was shot and wounded Thursday evening after arriving at a domestic call, reports the Star Tribune.

The officer shot and killed Timothy Hanson after being shot, reports The Pioneer Press.

Hanson had a history with the law and also received many visits from Police officers at his Woodbury home, reports the Star Tribune.

Hanson worked for St. Paul's Public Works Department, where he was suspended nine times, reports the Star Tribune.

Murder-Suicide Supected in Columbia Heights

Early Saturday a woman and her husband were found dead at a restaurant parking lot in Columbia Heights, reports The Pioneer Press.

Police believe that it was a murder suicide and according to a family member the wife had been planning to leave her husband, reports the Star Tribune.

While police have not yet confirmed that the husband killed the wife, they are not looking for any suspects, reports The Pioneer Press.

Pawlenty and Romney Make Nice

Mitt Romney and Gov. Tim Pawlenty both spoke at a fundraiser to conservative group, the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, report Minnesota Public Radio.

Pawlenty and Romney are both possible candidates for the 2012 presidential election, reports the Star Tribune.

The two politicians were friendly and had kind words for each other, but some suspect that this will not last once election season heats up, reports the Star Tribune.

Pawlenty had previously made comments against Romney's part in bringing universal health care to Massachusetts, reports MPR

Hastings Middle School Lockdown Results in Five Felonies

A Hastings eighth-grader has been charged with five felonies after threatening teachers and classmates with a gun at Hastings Middle school, reports the Star Tribune.

Inside the gun were bullets that were not the proper size, reports The Pioneer Press.

The 14-year-old-boy got the gun from a gun safe after finding the key at his foster home, reports the Star Tribune.

The boy said that he wanted to scare some classmates reports the Star Tribune.

A Cottage Grove Police Officer shot and killed a man late Monday in Cottage Grove, reports the Star Tribune

Robert Wilson, 27, was shot after attempting to flee by automobile, dragging along officer Brad Peterson, reports the Star Tribune.

Police were searching for Wilson, who had three warrants and was suspected of passing counterfeit money, reports the South Washington County Bulletin.

The two officers who stopped Wilson are now on procedural paid leave, reports the South Washington County Bulletin.

St. Paul Fights Back

St. Paul is getting serious about domestic violence with a "Blueprint for Safety," reports Minnesota Public Radio.

The blueprint was created in attempt to decrease the amount of domestic related homicides, which 10 years ago St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington, then a district commander, recognized as the leading cause of death in his district, reports Minnesota Public Radio.

With the new plan, police are now trained to ask specific questions and document the answers. The documents follow the case, whereas before crucial information may have never made it to the judge's bench, reports the Star Tribune.

There will also be a faster push to prosecute cases when needed, specifically in cases when the suspect flees the scene, which accounts for 75 percent of St. Paul's domestic abuse cases, reports the Star Tribune.

Waiting to Challege Bachmann

Democrats will decide which congressional candidate to endorse to run against Michelle Bachmann in the November election, reports The Star Tribune.

Either Maureen Reed, a physician in Stillwater or Tarryl Clark, a state senator from St. Cloud, will receive the endorsement, reports Minnesota Public Radio.

If Clark does not receive the endorsement she has said she will step aside, while Reed has said she will continue to run even without an endorsement, reports MPR.

Either candidate will have a lot of catching up to do to compete with Bachmann, who raised over $1 million last year for her upcoming campaign, reports MPR.

Beer With Your Football?

The debate is back on whether or not the TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota will remain dry, reports The Minnesota Daily.

In an effort to ease the pain of the current deficit, the University is revisiting the possibility of allowing alcohol sales in the premium seats, reports The Star Tribune.

Last season, tickets for premium seats were offered at a discount due to the alcohol ban which resulted in less revenue, reports the Star Tribune.

The absence of alcohol sales resulted in a $200,000 loss, while the decline in premium ticket sales brought the loss to $1.3 million, reports The Star Tribune.

Protesters Rally Against Healthcare Reform

Michelle Bachmann lead a rally against the proposed healthcare bill Saturday, reports The Star Tribune.

Minnesota Public Radio reports hundreds of attendees while The Star Tribune report thousands.

Bachmann called upon the attendees to voice their "outrage" against the bill that will expand health coverage to those who are currently without, reports MPR.

John Kline also spoke at the rally calling for lawmakers to "start over", reports The Star Tribune.

The House is expected to vote on the bill this week, reports MPR.

Garcia Acquitted.

Attorney Al Garcia was acquitted of rape charges Monday, reports The Star Tribune.

The accuser and three other women testified against Garcia throughout the trial, reports The Star Tribune.

Garcia's attorney convinced the jury that there was not enough evidence to prove Garcia guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, reports The City Pages.

The Star Tribune reports that Garcia is in custody due to a federal drug charge.

Garcia also faces witness-tampering charges related to the rape case, reports The City Pages.

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