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Goldman Sachs, Hedge Funds, and Falling Stocks

The Securities and Exchange Commission is suing Goldman Sachs for securities fraud, reports the USA Today.

The SEC alleges that Goldman Sachs allowed clients to make investments without disclosing that the investment was created to fail, reports The New York Times.

The investments packaged by Goldman Sachs were created by a hedge fund creator who anticipated the burst of the real estate bubble, reports The New York Times.

The hedge fund against these investments made about $1 billion, reports USA Today.

Since the announcement of the lawsuit on Friday, Goldman Sachs stock has dropped along with other companies who are now believed to have participated in the same practices, reports The New York Times.

Rescue Mission On Hold

The rescue mission to find the four remaining miners was again put on hold Thursday due to unsafe air conditions, reports the New York Daily News.

The mine explosion that occurred on Monday had killed 25 miners in West Virginia, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

Rescuers are hoping the four men are in an airtight chamber which is located underground, reports the New York Daily News.

Investigations into the cause of the explosion and whether or not violations occurred will be lead by Norman Page, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

There were also two mining accidents in China this week. 40 miners were killed in Yinchuan while 115 were saved in China's Shanxi province, reports Reuters.

Being Orange Will Soon Cost More

A 10 percent tax increase on tanning will be implemented on July 1, reports the Star Tribune.

According to some students at Penn State the tax will not deter people from tanning, reports The Daily Collegian.

But according to U.S. Rep Glenn Thompson the tax will have a negative impact on jobs despite the $2.7 billion increase that is expected, reports The Daily Collegian.

The new tax was inserted into the Senate version of the health care bill after lobbying by Botox makers and plastic surgeons prevented the proposed 5 percent tax on Botox and other cosmetic procedures, reports the Star Tribune.

"They took out a tax on wealthy doctors and patients and put in a tax on middle-class business owners," said Joseph Levy of the International Smart Tan Network, reports The Star Tribune

Would Jesus Do That?

The Christian Militia out of Michigan is part of a larger trend, reports The Denver Post.

According to Heidi Beirich, the director of research at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the number of anti-government groups and militias has risen more than 300 percent from 2008 to 2009, reports The Denver Post.

The militia that was recently raided after the discovery of their plans to kill numerous police officers was named Hulatree, meaning Christian Warrior. The name was created by the militia's leader, 44-year-old David Stone, reports USA Today.

Beirich said that the economy, changes within society regarding race, and the fear of big government are contributing factors in the growth of militias, reports The Denver Post.

Insight into the Insurance Mandate

One of the most unpopular aspects of the new healthcare reform originated with republicans, reports The Miami Herald.

The insurance mandate idea was created in the 1980's by a conservative, reports the Miami Herald.

The mandate of insurance coverage was implemented in Massachusetts by then Gov. Mitt Romney, who opposes the new federal mandate, reports the Associated Press.

Since the passing of the bill, at least 12 GOP attorneys general have said the new mandate is unconstitutional, reports The Associated Press.

Teach Your Children Well

A new social studies curriculum for Texas textbooks was approved Friday, reports the Associated Press.

KTRE of Texas reports that the impact will effect millions of students nation-wide since Texas publishes the most textbooks.

The word "democratic" will be replaced with "constitutional republic" in reference to the government, reports the Associated Press.

Political ideas will be explained as "laws of nature and nature's God" and attempts to highlight the separation of church and state involving the birth of the nation were not accepted, reports the Associated Press.

Also denied were attempts to include historical Hispanics and the relevance of Hip Hop pertaining to cultural movements, reports the Associated Press.

Information on institutional racism in American societies also will not be included in the curriculum.

Possibly One Less Thing to do on Saturdays

The postmaster general met with the Postal Regulatory Commission on Tuesday to propose plans to ease the budget deficit of the United States Postal Service reports The New York Times.

The Star Tribune reports that if approved by congress, stamp prices may increase next year and postal service may no longer run on Saturdays.

Union groups for postal workers oppose the elimination of Saturday deliveries but the change could save the USPS $3 billion a year according to the chief financial advisor of the service reports The New York Times.

This is not the first attempt at switching to a five -day service. The previous attempt was not approved by congress, reports The Star Tribune.

Meeting of the Minds

The health care summit held Thursday in Washington did not change the minds of Republican and Democrat leaders.

The televised summit lasted over six hours and contained brief moments of agreement between the two parties reports The New York Times.

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell wants the Democrats to start a new bill that would include more points that the parties possibly agree on reports CNN.

If the Democrats can all come to an agreement, they can move healthcare forward with a reconciliation process reports CNN.

Democrat sources told CNN that the plan is to have the legislation complete by the end of March.

Suicide Pilot Hits IRS

A pilot intentionally crashed his plane into an office building Thursday in Austin, Texas because of frustrations with the government.

The building that Joseph Stack crashed into included an IRS office reported Time Magazine.

Thirteen people were injured with 2 in critical condition reports The Washington Post.

Stack had left a rant on the web referring to corporate giants and an irrational tax system reports Time Magazine

Authorities have assumed that Stack is the only casualty of the plane crash.

Americans Invited to Healthcare Discussion

President Obama invited America to watch a bipartisan health care summit to take place February 25.

The announcement was made during an interview with Katie Couric during the Super Bowl pre-game show according The New York Times.

While some republican senators are assuming the summit will result in an overhaul of the previous efforts to reform health care, a White House official told The Washington Post, "this is not starting over, don't make any mistake about that."

The New York Times reports that the expected role of the republicans will be to bring specific ideas to the table regarding health care reform.

This announcement was made nine days after Obama attended the GOP conference to answer questions live. The New York Times reports that the White House viewed the meeting as a "critical success."

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