May 6, 2007

Girl Slashed at Mall of America

The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are reporting on the slashing of a 14-year-old girl at the Mall of America on the third floor Saturday. Police say that the victim is being treated at Hennepin County Medical Center for deep cuts in her stomach. Police also believe the girl who did the stabbing and the victim knew each other. Police caught the girl, also 14, with the help of a large amount of officers available on scene and security cameras.

The Pioneer Press article is more focused and shorter than the Star Tribune article.

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Gunflint Trail Evacuations as Fires Spread

The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are reporting a spreading wildfire that is spreading along the last seven miles of the Gunflint Trail, bordering the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Officials have issued a mandatory evacuation order to about 100 homes and resorts along the trail.

The Star Tribune article states that the area that the fire is spreading to is an area already burned through in an action of prescribed burns in the area.

The Pioneer Press article, written by the Associated Press, says no rain is expected for the next several days for the area.

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Wreckage of Kenya Jetliner Found

Both CNN and ABC News are reporting that pieces of wreckage from a missing Kenya Arlines jet have been found in a forest about 15 miles from the airport. The plane was a Boeing 737-800, with 105 passengers, and nine crew members on board. Officials said that the plane issued a distress call but lost contact with the radio tower about 13 minutes after takeoff.

CNN adds that 200 rescue workers are standing by in the near-by city of Douala when the crash site is made more accessable.

There is no official word on survivors or deaths.

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Sarkozy New French President

Both ABC News and CNN are reporting the victory of Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential election. The conservative candidate said he would maintain friendly relations with the Unites States.

The CNN article also says the new president said that the United States should be the guiding light for the rest of the world to fight against global warming.

His socialist opponent, Segolene Royal, would have been France's first woman president.

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Tornados Ravage Kansas

Both CNN and ABC News are reporting on the recovery efforts after tornados ripped through towns from Texas and Oklahoma to Kansas. Nine people were killed on Friday night in Kansas, and more than 50 people were injured. As a result, President Bush declared southwest Kansas as a major disaster area.

The ABC News article includes the information that National Guard engineers were assigned to help with search and rescue. The tornado that leveled the small towns was an F-5, the most powerful category on the scale of the National Weather Service.

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April 22, 2007

Blue Angels Jet Crash

Various news outlets are reporting the crash of a Blue Angels Jet during an air show which killed the pilot on Saturday.

On Sunday, the military identified the U.S. Navy Blue Angels aviator who died in the crash as Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Davis.

The MSNCB article focuses on the efforts to determine what exactly when wrong that caused the jet to crash. The crash spread bruning debris over areas of South Carolina near Hilton Head Island, some hitting homes.

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French Elections

Both Newsweek and CBS News are reporting that NIcolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal advanced to a runoff in the presidential election on Sunday. The two candidates present a basic left or right choice for the French to take. Royal is the first woman to get this close to winning a presidential election in France.

Sarkozy is the conservative candidate, while Royal is a Socialist.

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I-94 Driver Goes Into St. Croix

The Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune are reporting a driver who lost control of his car while adjusting his cd player, sending his car into the St. Croix river where the interstate passes over.

Both stories are pretty short, but the one from the Pioneer Press mentions that the police gave the 47-year-old man a ticket at the scene for inattentive driving.

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Teen Killed on Metro Bus

The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are reporting the murder of a 16-year-old male on a Metro Transit bus in St. Paul. Police have not released the name of the victim. Both articles state that the shooting was spurred by an argument apparently between two gangs, ending the the murder of the 16-year-old.

Both articles mention that there have been three violent attacks on Metro Transit buses since march, but interesting to note is that the Pioneer Press makes it clear that the first two attacks happened in Minneapolis and not St. Paul.

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VT Massacre

Of course as we all know a gunman who was a student at Virginia Tech killed 33 people including himself during a rampage on the campus on Monday, April 16th. At first details were scarse as to who the gunman was and if there was any motive to the attacks, but it was very interesting to watch and read how all the different news outlets handled the story and the sensitive information they recieved.

Things got really interesting when a package showed up at NBC in New York that had been mailed by the gunman the morning of the shootings.

Some people were upset that NBC chose to air the disturbing images and video that the multimedia package contained.

Other things to note are the fact that CNN decided to air the names of some of the victims before there was an official list of all of those killed.

April 1, 2007

Juno Awards Rock Canada

The best musicians in Canada, along with many other notable artists from all over descended on the little town of Saskatoon, Canada, for the 2007 Juno Awards, according to stories by the Toronto Star and

Nelly Furtado, host of this years awards, was awarded the artist of the year award already.

Performers at the event include Nelly Furtado, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Gregory Charles, Alexisonfire, City and Colour, The Tragically Hip, DJ Champion and Patrick Watson.

Some 13,000 fans will be in attendance of the awards.

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Record Millions for Clinton Campaign

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton raised $26 million for her presidential campaign and transferred an additional $10 million from her Senate war chest to post $36 million in the first quarter of the 2008 fundraising season, more than three times as much as the previous record for this stage of a Democratic primary, according to articles by the New York Times and CNN.

According to the CNN article, this first quarter in fundraising is considered a benchmark in how the candidate will do later on.

The New York Times article goes on to detail that the Clinton camp is trying to stay away from public donations in favor of private donations, which have no limit.

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Pacific Tsunami Leads Warnings to be Issued

Both CNN and CBS are reporitng on an earthquake that resulted in a tsunami wave in the Pacific Ocean Sunday. Two back to back earthquakes occured near the Solomon Islands, the first measuring a magnitude of 8.0, the second 6.7.

According to the articles, The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a Fixed Regional Tsunami Warning including Papua New Guinea and several other islands in the region. Hawaii is under an advisory, but not a warning.

The CNN article has no information regarding the effects of the tsunami where the wave has hit, but the CBS article, by the Associated Press, says that officals had been urging residents to move to higher ground in the Solomon Islands, but communications with police and other officials were lost after the tsunami hit.

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Crosstown Construction Scheduled For June

After being pushed back yet again last year, a bid has finally been accepted by the Minnesota Department of Transportation to start the reconstruction of the Crosstown Commons area where highways 35 and 62 meet, one of the most notorious bottleneck spots in the metro area, according to articles in the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

The atricle in the Star Tribune is locally reported, and goes in depth to how notorious the spot has been for accidents and large traffic jams in the past. It includes a map rendering what the new spot will look like after four summers of construction.

The article in the Pioneer Press was written by the Associated Press, and is just a brief overview of the new project, not quoting any sources.

The project is scheduled to be complete in fall 2010

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Herb Carneal Dies

Twins announcer Herb Carneal died Sunday at the age of 83 from heart failure, according to reports in the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press via the Associated Press. Carneal started announcing for the Twins in 1962, the team's second season ever. As he aged, he cut back some of his duties of announcing, and at the last minute had declined to announce for the Twin's home opener Monday night because of health problems.

The story by the Star Tribune is written by a local reporter, and features more interviews and comments from current Twins team members and other friends.

The Associated Press article in the Pioneer Press focused more on the life of Carneal himself, citing an interview in 2003 that the AP had done.

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