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January 27, 2007

Man Goes Home After Falling 16 Stories

Both the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune are reporting that a Wisconsin man who fell 16 stories out of a hotel window is going home from the hospital today. Miraculously, the man suffered no brain or spinal damage. The only injuries he did recieve from the fall were a broken leg and a punctured lung. Both stories also say the 29-year-old remembers the fall, although he won't speak publicly about it.

Both the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune have written pretty much the same thing about the story. Both stories take a more personal approach near the end with quotes from family members and loved ones.

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Southdale Drug Bust

Believe it or not, a drug raid at a store at Southdale mall in Edina closes a shop and causes shock. Two brothers were arrested as a drug unit raided Image, a shop on the mall's third floor. What the police found were brown paper bags with cocaine, marijuana and $8,000 in cash.

This story caught my interest because I work at Southdale mall in the Apple Store, and since having worked there, I have noticed things going on in the mall are getting seedier and seedier. Here is just that much more proof.

There was not an alternate source for this article, but I had to comment on it.

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13 Dead in Baghdad

40 people were wounded, 18 critically injured, and at least 13 people are dead after a bombing in Baghdad. One of the dead includes Malik Saad, a senior police official for Peshawar. An MSNBC report says two car bombs in quick succession caused the damage, and officials do not know if the bombing was a suicide bombing or an attack at this time.

The articles from CNN and MSNBC go on to tell us that at least 73 service members have died this month alone in the Iraq war.

Since this event would be considered hard news, it was interesting to look at the leads for both stories. The lead for the CNN article begins with the number dead, making sure to include the police official killed detail, then goes on to tell the day and the location of the event.

The MSNBC lead is better, in my opinion, because it begins with the cause (peaking my interest), then tells the location and the details about the numbers. You basically get the whole story in one sentence, which I think is pretty important for a lead.

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British Royals Visit

The British Royal Family visited Philadelphia for the first time on Saturday. An article on tells of long lines of fans waiting to see the family, and the shock of one spectator when the Dutchess of Cornwall actually offered her hand to the spectator. also covered the event, which puts the trip into historical context. The last time a Royal visited Philadelphia was in 1860 when Edward VII toured the city.

The BBC News article includes a detail that CNN did not: The fact that the Royal couple was greeted in Philadelphia by "green protesters" who criticized Prince Charles for flying to America to pick up an environmental award.

In the end, the CNN article focuses more on "fans" reactions to meeting and seeing the Royals, rather than focusing on the purpose and context of the visit, like the BBC News article.

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January 24, 2007

St. Paul Police Arrest

An arrest has been made for the last homicide of 2006 in St. Paul which resulted in the death of a 27 year-old. The police have not released a lot of details, including the motive of the shooter, but have said the shooter was 25 years-old.

Since the details are still sketchy, both reports from the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press were limited.

The ledes of each article, however, were interesting to see, as this is a hard news item. The Star Tribune includes the age of the man arrested, who did the arresting, and for what the man was being arrested for. The Pioneer Press, however, decides to include when the man was arrested and by who.

In my opinion, the Star Tribune's lede carries a little more weight with it as far as important information given right away. Otherwise, both stories are kind of sparse on details, but this is understood because of the lack of facts released by police.

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