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February 25, 2007

The Oscars

All the news outlets are reporting 'The Departed' winning best picture, along with Martin Scorsese winning best director for the same film, which was his first oscar win.

Other notable wins were Helen Mirren winning best actress for 'The Queen', and Jennifer Hudson wining best supporting actrice for her breakout role in 'Dreamgirls.'

'An Inconvenient Truth,' the Al Gore documentary, won in its category as well.




Zookeeper Killed by Jaguar

Zoo officals at the Denver Zoo do not know what prompted a Jaguar to kill a zookeeper Saturday, both CNN and MSNBC are reporting.

Interesting to note are the two different headlines of each article. CNN's headline focuses on the death of the zookeeper, while the MSNBC article's headline makes it very apparent that a Jaguar was shot and killed before moving on to the fact that a person died from the attack.

CNN says that zookeepers are not to be in the cage at the same time as the large cats, and do not know how the incident happened.

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Baghdad College Bombing

CNN.com is reporting 40 dead while MSNBC is reporting 41 dead after a suicide bombing at a college in eastern Baghdad. The MSNBC article states that a suicide bomber walked to the entrance of the college with a belt of explosives, and that security confronted the man before the explosion.

Both news sources are also reporting two rockets that fell in an outdoor market in Baghdad, killing 10 people.

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Missing Nisswa Man Found

Ryan Hamre, 24, was found alive after he had been missing for a week both the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press said. What is interesting is the details that each report gives.

The Star Tribune is saying that Hamre went for a walk, became lost, and had to build one campfire to stay warm.

The Pioneer Press is saying that authorities found Hamre in a fishing house on a lake nearby, with his truck parked outside of it in working order, and that no other details were available.

There seems to be more to this than has been reported.

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Major Snow

Both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press featured the Twin Cities' weather at the tops of their pages. The Star Tribune article focuses on transportation issues mostly, reporting that there were no traffic deaths during the period that the storm took place in the state of Minnesota. In Wisconsin, however, two miles from the Minnesota border on Interstate 94, there was an accident with fatalities.

The Pioneer Press article is from the Associated Press, and talks about the discovery of an 18-year-old man found unconscious and partially frozen to the ground by a snow plower.

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February 18, 2007

Britney Spears Shaves Head

Major news outlets from CNN to MSNBC are reporting the very public breakdown of former pop star Britney Spears. Apparently Spears went into a tatoo parlor on Friday evening, and took the scissors right out the hands of a stylist who tried to get Spears to change her mind. Spears shaved her head herself, and then proceeded to get two new tatoos. CNN reports that police showed up at the parlor to control the crowd that was gathering out front. Later, Spears exited wearing a hooded sweatshirt over her head.

The MSNBC article goes into a whole piece on Spear's rise to fame, and quotes the employees of the parlor calling Spears "hormonal." The article goes on to detail that Spears got teary eyed when she realized what her mother might think of her new look.

MSNBC also reports on the rumor of Spears recently checking into a rehab facility, and then checking out two days later.

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Plane Slides Off Runway

A plane slid off the runway and crashed through a fence at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport during heavy snow Sunday. The FAA says all 70 passengers and crew are safe. CNN reports that flights were haulted for more than an hour after the incident. MSNBC reports that the exact causes for the event are unknown according to airport officials. CNN says that conditions for the runways were listed as "fair" at the time.

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Train Blasts in India

ABC News is reporting 53 dead, while CNN is reporting at least 64 dead after explosives detonated on a train traveling to Pakistan early Monday morning from Inda's capital. The blasts happened in two passenger cars, and three unexploded bombs were found in other passenger cars said a spokesman for Northern Rail.

What is very interesting is at this point ABC News is saying that the train caught fire, and nowhere in the entire article are explosives mentioned. Insted, the article details local residents rushing to the scene of the disaster with buckets of water.

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Two Men Shot in Maplewood

Both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are reporting the shooting of two men near a funeral home in Maplewood. Saturday evening, a 20-year-old man was shot in the stomach, and a 40-year-old man who happened to be driving by at the time was struck in the arm by a stray bullet. When police arrived, they found the 20-year-old in the parking lot of a funeral home, and both men were rushed to Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

The story from the Star Tribune is written by a staff writer, while the story in the Pioneer Press is from the AP. While the Star Tribune story feels a little more locally focused, the Pioneer Press story does have a detail about the police saying there was an altercation before the shooting, something that the Star Tribune does not have.

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February 14, 2007

Flu Deaths Continue

Both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are reporting the death of 44-year-old firefighter Barry DeLude after he came down with the flu. He died at Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina Tuesday morning.

Another victim of the flu, 8-year-old Chace VanGuilder of Esko, MN, died Monday at St. Mary's Hospital in Duluth. Chance is the fourth child to die from the flu this year, according to officials.

The Star Tribunes article goes on to describe the strain of flu this year as nothing special, and that the vaccine prepared matched the virus well. Chance had been vaccinated, while DeLude had not.

The Star Tribune goes on to get some quotes describing Chance as a medically fragile person anyways, and that the effects of the flu were worse because of this. Still the article reminds us of how serious a virus the flu can be.

The Pioneer Press article details the life of DeLude more, focusing on his career as a firefighter.

February 11, 2007

Dixie Chicks Win Four Grammy's

CNN, ABC News, and the New York Times are all covering the Grammy's, and it looks like the Dixie Chicks are going to pick up the most win's this year, followed by Mary J. Blige and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who each picked up three awards. The number of win's is somewhat of a suprise for the Dixie Chicks, who were heavely criticized after speaking out against President Bush last year.

The night was also big in that The Police reunited and kicked off a tour at the 49th annual awards with the song "Roxanne." Also performing was Christina Aguilera, and Justin TImberlake.

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Is Local Water Safe?

Lawmakers want faster action from state officials after limited response to groundwater contamination by 3M chemicals. The Star Tribune is saying that Minnesota Pollution Control has known about the problem for two years. All the pollution control agency has told 3M to do so far has been to study the problem.

The Pioneer Press says that residents of areas that have water contaminated with the PFBA, or perfluorobutanoic acid, found in the water do not need to avoid the tap water, and that there are no known short term effects of small amounts of the acid, but the long term effects have never been studied. Thus, some residents are sticking to bottled water and purification systems.

The slow responce from the pollution agency has enraged many politicians and residents, and they are now putting pressure on the agency to be more strict with 3M.

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Mauer Signes $33 Million, 4-Year Contract

Both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are reporting on a deal between the Minnesota Twins and Joe Mauer that avoides arbitration and signes the player on for four years at $33 million dollars. The Star Tribune comments that the player will just be turning 24-years-old in April, but that his financial future is "already secure".

The Pioneer Press article goes on to detail the St. Paul native's beginings after being drafted from Cretin-Derham HIgh School, which may seem a little obvious for the Minnesota native to be reading, but this article is written for the Associated Press, while the Star Tribune's article, which focuses more on the deal, is written by a staff reporter.

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Harvard Names First Woman President

Historian Drew Gilpin Faust was named Harvard's first female president Sunday. The selection is interesting because there had been previous uproar after previous President Lawrence Summers said that "genetic differences between the sexes might help explain the dearth of women in top science jobs." Both the CNN and the Los Angeles Times are reporting on the story. As far as the structures for each story goes, the quotes are grouped together. The CNN article only has one quote, which is saved for the very end of the article, not broken up throughout. The LA TImes article has multiple quotes, but all are independent of eachother, not mixed throughout the story. Very interesting to see.

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Iran To Continue Nuclear Program

The President of Iran announced today that the country would continue to develop its nuclear program despite U.N. sanctions. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed Western proposals to suspend the program, and stated that if new sanctions were to be put in place, he would ignore those as well. Both a CNN story and a New York Times article say that the president believes it is the country's "right" to develop the uranium and will not stop. The New York TImes article states that it is the Bush administration's fear that the reactors the country is believed to be constructing would be used for nuclear weapons. One thing that the CNN article details is the presence of "Down with America" signs in the crowd of 10,000 gathered for the speech.

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February 4, 2007

Different Destiny's for the Moon

While MSNBC is reporting on the future moon missions planned for the 2020's, CNN is looking much farther into the future at what the last days for the Earth and the moon will look like.
MSNBC's article is looking at the planning going on for the next manned mission to the moon, which President Bush said should happen in 2020. The article looks at the different technologies being developed to make life on the moon not only possible but comfortable.

CNN, however, paints a picture of the moon's last days as the sun grows into a red giant. The heat and growing size of the sun will cause the moon to be pulled closer and closer to earth, where it will then break up in the atmosphere, forming temporary rings around our planet at its equator. Eventually, these pieces of our moon will drop from the atmosphere and fall to earth, which will then be engulfed by the sun. Pretty interesting stuff!

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Waseca Home Invasion

Tracy Kruger and his son Alex who was 13 were killed Saturday after someone entered the family's house, leaving the mother Hilary wounded. Their fourth son was spending the night at a friends house. Reports are saying that at aboue 3 a.m. Alex called 911 to report an intruder, after which gunshots were heard and the line went dead.
The Pioneer Press keeps the article concise.
The Star Tribune fills there story with a bunch of quotes from from family friends, describing the family as hard working, well liked, and very popular throughout the city of Waseca. The article also descirbes the surviving son's state as being in "utter shock."

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Cab Driver Killed in Brooklyn Center

A 46-year-old cab driver was found dead in the drivers seat of his cab outside apartments in Brooklyn Center. The driver had been shot multiple times, and by the time someone had discovered him and paramedics had arrives, they could not revive the victim. The Star Tribune reports that Police are working on some leads, as there were multiple people who heard the shots at around 3 a.m.
The Pioneer Press article notes that robbery might have been the motive in the case, with the Star Tribune elaborating, saying that there might have been some dispute over the fare.

The Star Tribune definitely has more coverage of this crime, with multiple quotes from the police and others.

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Four Helicopters Shot Down in Two Weeks

ABC News and MSNBC are reporting that pilots are changing some procedures and flying tactics after four helicopters have been shot down over Iraq in just two weeks. The helicopters were shot down from ground based enemy fire.

MSNBC tells us that this is the first time the military has acknowledged that these crashes were caused by enemy fire.

The ABC News article said the military could not expand on its new tactics for security reasons. Also interesting to look at in the ABC News article is the quoting they use, and how they use it. For the most part, "said" always comes after the quote.

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'BED' Nightclub Death

Granville Adams, an actor who played a prisoner on HBO's show "Oz", pushed a man towards and down an elevator shaft, causing the man to fall down the shaft to his death. Adams pushed the man towards elevator doors on the sixth-floor of the nightclub during a dispute, which caused the doors to open.

The ABC News article on the event includes details of witnesses saying the victim was trying to hold on with one hand on the ledge of the elevator opening before letting go and falling.

The CNN article makes note of the fact that BED did not return phone calls today regarding the incident, but descibes the club as a place where patrons can indulge on martinis while donning the clubs complimentary socks.

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