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Different Destiny's for the Moon

While MSNBC is reporting on the future moon missions planned for the 2020's, CNN is looking much farther into the future at what the last days for the Earth and the moon will look like.
MSNBC's article is looking at the planning going on for the next manned mission to the moon, which President Bush said should happen in 2020. The article looks at the different technologies being developed to make life on the moon not only possible but comfortable.

CNN, however, paints a picture of the moon's last days as the sun grows into a red giant. The heat and growing size of the sun will cause the moon to be pulled closer and closer to earth, where it will then break up in the atmosphere, forming temporary rings around our planet at its equator. Eventually, these pieces of our moon will drop from the atmosphere and fall to earth, which will then be engulfed by the sun. Pretty interesting stuff!

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