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March 25, 2007

Snoop Dogg Denied in Britain

Rapper Snoop Dogg was denied a visa for a series of concerts planned to happen in Britain, both CNN and MSNBC are reporting.

The CNN article has a quote from Snoops publicist, who says he is "mystified" by the decision and is willing to do whatever it takes to make the situation right. The publicist went on to say that a planned concert with P Diddy will go on "no matter what the outcome."

The MSNBC article says that the British government cannot comment on individual cases, but that a person could be denied entry to the country if they do not believe the person would be doing any sort of public service.

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Blair Upset Over Detention of UK Troops

Tony Blair reacted to the holding of UK Toops in Iran, calling the act "unjustified and wrong," according to a CNN article. Also covering the story is MSNBC.

The MSNCB article also mentiones a trip to the middle east Condoleezza Rice showed her support for Blair by also stating that the troops should be released.

The CNN article focuses the second half of its report on the already high tentions between the UK and Iran.

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2 Rescued After Falling Off Cruise Ship

Both CNN and MSNBC have stories on the two people recovered from the Gulf of Mexico after falling nearly 50 feet off of the balcony of their crusie ship. The CNN article reports that the couple was still on board and being treated in the ship's medical center, and that the ship was now heading towards its scheduled destination.

The MSNBC article does not go into much detail, and as far as numbers go, they only give the ages of the man and woman who fell offboard.

Interesting to note is at the end of the CNN article, there is a little paragraph about the statistics of the ship, like the total number of passengers and the crew number, which could be helpful when thinking about how these people fell off.

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Gophers Season Comes to a Close

The Gopher men's hockey team ended their season today losing in overtime to the Fighting Sioux of the University of North Dakota. The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press both have stories on this.

The Pioneer Press article is from the AP, while the Star Tribune article is written by a staff reporter. The Star Tribune article starts out with more of an anecdote and feels more personally written for readers of the Twin Cities.

The Pioneer Press article focuses more on the action during the game, and now what will happen during the rest of the college hockey season. The Star Tribune article focuses more on the future of the Gophers in the end.

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Local Wins 'Grease' Role

21-year-old Laura Osnes, a graduate of Eagan High School, won the role of Sandy in the NBC show "Grease: You're The One That I Want", according to articles in the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune. Osnes became a show favorite of the judges, and won the final public vote, announced Sunday evening on live television.

The Star Tribune article goes into more depth about where Osnes has been before appearing on the show, while the Pioneer Press article seems more like a short feature.

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March 11, 2007

The Pope Does Not Like Bob Dylan Apparently...

In a new book released Thursday, the Pope reveals he did not approve of a performance Bob Dylan gave to John Paul II in 1997, articles on CNN and MSNBC from Reuters are reporting. In the book, the Pope calls Dylan a false "prophet", and questions his apperance at the concert in 1997. The report goes on to detail that after Dylan performet "Blowin in the Wind" at the concert, the Pope told the crowd that the answer was in the wind, but in the wind of the spirit.

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President of France Won't Seek Re-Election

President of France Jacques Chirac announced Sunday that he would not seek re-election after being head of state of France since 1995 both CNN and MSNBC are reporting.

CNN says that Nicolas Sarkozy, Segolene Royal, and Francois Bayrou are the lead contenders for the next president.

The MSNBC report written by the AP states that this announcement was widely expected, leaving office with a request to reject racism and extremism.

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Southern California Residences Face Dangerous Fires

CNN.com and MSNBC are reporting on wild fires that have burned over 500 acres of land in Orange County, and that more than 200 homes have been evacuated.

The report by the AP states that the blaze may have been started by a vehicle fire.

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Black Leaders Stand Up for Fire Chief

The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are both reporting the support St. Paul Fire Chief Doug Holton is recieving after coming under fire from the union, most members voting "no confidence" in the chief. Both articles report that black city leaders and supporters are saying the the union is made up of mostly white members, and are calling the vote racist.

Holton was St. Paul's first black fire chief.

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Different Rail Service Plans Underway

While the Pioneer Press is writing about the Northstar commuter rail line, the Star Tribune is reporting on a plan to revive rail service between Duluth and Minneapolis.

The Pioneer Press is reporting on a deal made with the owners of existing track needed for the Northstar commuter rail line to be made possible. Although all the funding for the project is not in place yet, but the backers of the line say they are on schedule to open in 2009.

The Star Tribune looks at a whole new line that would bring back rail service between Minneapolis and Duluth, something that used to take over 4 hours when Amtrak last provided the service 22 years ago. The Hennepin County Board voted to support a study to see how feasable the line would be. THe article talks about how the line would be much more profitable this time around, with the popularity of near by casinos and state parks being higher than they were in 1985.

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