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May 6, 2007

Girl Slashed at Mall of America

The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are reporting on the slashing of a 14-year-old girl at the Mall of America on the third floor Saturday. Police say that the victim is being treated at Hennepin County Medical Center for deep cuts in her stomach. Police also believe the girl who did the stabbing and the victim knew each other. Police caught the girl, also 14, with the help of a large amount of officers available on scene and security cameras.

The Pioneer Press article is more focused and shorter than the Star Tribune article.

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Gunflint Trail Evacuations as Fires Spread

The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are reporting a spreading wildfire that is spreading along the last seven miles of the Gunflint Trail, bordering the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Officials have issued a mandatory evacuation order to about 100 homes and resorts along the trail.

The Star Tribune article states that the area that the fire is spreading to is an area already burned through in an action of prescribed burns in the area.

The Pioneer Press article, written by the Associated Press, says no rain is expected for the next several days for the area.

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Wreckage of Kenya Jetliner Found

Both CNN and ABC News are reporting that pieces of wreckage from a missing Kenya Arlines jet have been found in a forest about 15 miles from the airport. The plane was a Boeing 737-800, with 105 passengers, and nine crew members on board. Officials said that the plane issued a distress call but lost contact with the radio tower about 13 minutes after takeoff.

CNN adds that 200 rescue workers are standing by in the near-by city of Douala when the crash site is made more accessable.

There is no official word on survivors or deaths.

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Sarkozy New French President

Both ABC News and CNN are reporting the victory of Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential election. The conservative candidate said he would maintain friendly relations with the Unites States.

The CNN article also says the new president said that the United States should be the guiding light for the rest of the world to fight against global warming.

His socialist opponent, Segolene Royal, would have been France's first woman president.

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Tornados Ravage Kansas

Both CNN and ABC News are reporting on the recovery efforts after tornados ripped through towns from Texas and Oklahoma to Kansas. Nine people were killed on Friday night in Kansas, and more than 50 people were injured. As a result, President Bush declared southwest Kansas as a major disaster area.

The ABC News article includes the information that National Guard engineers were assigned to help with search and rescue. The tornado that leveled the small towns was an F-5, the most powerful category on the scale of the National Weather Service.

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