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Bordertown coffee shop

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The Bordertown coffee shop near Dinkytown, at 315 16th Ave SE (in an old fraternity just off of Univ. Ave.- right across the street from Klaeber Court) is my favorite place for coffee (organic fair trade) and sweets (they make all their own from scratch on the premises.) They also serve very good soups, sandwiches, salad and quiche at lunch. Nice cozy setting, and they have a conference room that you can reserve for meetings. They are a non-profit coffee shop, run by the nicest coffee shop staff around. --Chris S.

Chai Tai

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Chai's Thai, West Bank next to the Cedar Cultural Center on the West Bank. The food is delicious, very spicy, and their plating is excellent. On > the downside, it's a bit small in size, so not the best for larger groups of people. -- Heather

I love Chai Thai too, the food is delicious and cheap. They don't have a wine/beer license, but if you go for dinner and want wine, you can bring your own - they can't open it for you but they'll provide a corkscrew and glasses.

Mapps Coffee & Tea

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You'd have to be desperate to eat lunch at Mapps, but it's a great place to hang out with a a good friend and cup of coffee, chai or tea. The sandwiches are wrapped in cellophane and nothing to write home about. The pastry snacks are pretty good though, and there are a fair number of iced and hot coffee and tea options.

Mapps Coffee & Tea
1810 Riverside Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454
Phone: (612) 338-6398

Acadia Cafe: Hamburgers, beer, and a great GBLT

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For the closest thing to Annie's Parlor that exists on West Bank these days (Annie's bit the dust suddenly one day, several years ago), try Acadia Cafe. There's one major difference, though: instead of malts, Acadia serves a wide range of beers on tap. Not the best luncheon beverage, but the food is good, and it's not easy to find American food on West Bank west of Carlson.

If you're not up for a burger, try the GBLT - guacamole, bacon, lettuce and tomato. It's pretty darn good, and filling, too. --SG


And here's a review from the source of this blog--the Burrow:
There is a new cafe in the Cedar/Riverside area called the Acadia Cafe. The restaurant is in that corner that turns over all the time, kitty corner across the street from the 400 Bar. They are just getting off the ground (open about a week plus) after moving from Franklin and Nicollet. The food is good, they have a cool selection of tap beers, and there are places to sit in the sun--always a plus for me!! They also have live music/entertainment. --Joy

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