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Jewel of India - West Bank

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The other weekend I had an amazing meal [Malai Kofta] at the Jewel of India, a small restaurant on Seven Corners (West Bank, near the Law School). A wide selection of Indian cuisine and vegetarian-friendly! Apparently they have a lunch buffet too; I'm planning on checking that out sometime.


Bulldog (northeast)

Grab a tall chair or sit outside. Watch the game on TV (if you must) - but no matter where you sit the food is tasty and inexpensive. I'm talking about the Bulldog. Check it out, dude. I hear it gets busy at night, especially before the games, but for lunch it's a great spot if you have a few minutes to get there and back. Service is friendly and fast. (oh, and if you do go over there after work, they have a lot of beers to choose from).

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