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Chai's Thai Restaurant

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Meghan in Sci/Eng recommended Chai's Thai Restaurant. I'll dine in sometime and blog about my experience afterwards!

4. Gardens of Salonica

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Several years ago, I almost ate myself to death at Gardens of Salonica. Only recently have I been able to venture in there again. And already after a few years hiatus, I've picked up the habit of stopping in once a week for pickled octopus with pita. Like for instance last night, I walked in and had my plate of what I would LIKE to call "kalamari with a kick" -- except octopus is octopus and calamari is squid, ie, calamari is squid. Then I got myself out of there by promising that if I went home I could have blueberry pie with that Stonybrook Farms Whole-milk French vanilla yogurt on top.

[Sigh!] It's never enough!


3. Red Stag

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Red Stag-- great steak, disgustingly high price. And I can't stand snooty wait staff; I mean at the Red Stag they're nice, but why do I get the feeling that they are always ready to start pouting, like I'm an over paid bankster and I'm going to throw a bailout tantrum or start a food fight or something? Maybe their underwear is a little too tight,... or lacy... Don't get me wrong, this doesn't happen just at Red Stag; it happens at any restaurant where the main courses are above $15. If you go into a good restaurant with reasonable prices, you get served by waits who like the food, and they probably aren't abused. Much better atmosphere.

Again, don't get me wrong. The food was good, and I'd go again....if someone else pays. Maybe you can get some TARP funds?

2. Obento-ya

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Recently I've taken up a regular sushi habit by stopping at Obento-ya one or two times over the weekend. Late on Sunday afternoon, it makes an especially nice pause after a long drawing class at The Atelier. (By the way, The Atelier's yearly full-time student show is coming up during Art-A-Whirl, May 15th, 16th and 17th).

Obento-ya is now open on Sunday's at 5:00 - 7:00(?) and during that happy hour, they have a salmon role for about $3.00 each (6 pc). If you need more, the
sushi bowl for about 11. is great.

If your first course doesn't fill you up you can either get a robata or two
to top it off or a mushi(?) ball (rice paste covered little ice cream ball). I've only
had one or two of their full dinners, the result of which was that both times I was
wishing I could do a full dinner more often.

I regularly tease the baristas and the manager at the Starbucks (at Radisson Metrodome) with my perverse ideas for new items to market. When Peter Mendalson made his colorful retort to Starbuck's CEO Howard Schultz a few months ago,...
... I suggested they put it on a paper cup, as the thought for the day. They loved my suggestion and laughed heartily. Would they pass it along? (Response: "YOU HAVE GOT to be kidding!") More recently, I suggested that they ought to start a new drink for me: Chili Chai Mocha. (Don't think "Chili Cheeze hot dog" at the same time you consider this or you could gross yourself out.) Anyway, I know the shot of white chocolate with the soy chai works well -- I just haven't had the nerve to walk in with a "picolo" sized shaker of McCormick's chili powder and say "Here! Do it!."

But I'll get around to one of these days.


Crescent Moon

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This isn't nearly as convenient as Heavenly Daze, but it's moved in from NE Minneapois, so it's better than it was:

In SE Como (any #3 bus) at 15th and Como is a new branch of Crescent Moon, which is a NE Minneapolis place. (Bus riders, get off at the 15th & Como intersection and walk across the street.)

Their first shop is in NE Minneapolis, where it's gotten good reviews in MM, Citipages, MSP and other restaurant rating columns. The last review I read was "Ought to be famous"

Crescent Moon is vaguely Afghani, but one of their signature dishes is "football pizza" I am in love with their gyros! -- totally unlike the Mediterranean-influenced gyros I've had other places around town. I'll keep going to Zakias, Dinos and Holy Land, but the gyros at Crescent Moon are in a different category. The gyros are closer to a "steak sandwich" if steak sandwiches came with beautifully seasoned and tender meat, perfectly cooked (and mostly, they do not come that way).

Here's the review page

What works for libraries: very generous servings, and they have a "feeds twelve" for $140 take-out that looks like a very good deal. Full price for that would be $170 That one is all kabobs, tikkas, Kourrma and suchlike, generous servings, by my book.

Pizzas start at $6.99 for a small, plus 99 cent additional toppings. I noticed in the window they have a 6" pizza special for $3.99--I think. Check that before you chase it, it might be $4.99.

All meat is hallal, and the pepperoni is actually beef. The lamb, though, is the star of the show as far as I'm concerned.


Hi All,
Not to sound too much like an advertisement, but since we're talking food, you may want to check out Heavenly Daze coffee shop some Monday morning.
On MONDAYS only , they offer a free (large) muffin with any coffee drink purchased (while the muffin supply lasts). Also do very nice soup and sandwiches for lunch.
I was talking with the owner today when I was there for lunch... He is thinking of selling the business, since sales have been way down for them, for some time.
This is sad since it's a very nice place on the West bank and locally-owned.

They are on the corner of 19th Ave. and Washington: 1853 Washington Ave. (across from the old Grandma's)

~ Sally

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