1. Starbucks (Radisson Metrodome)

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I regularly tease the baristas and the manager at the Starbucks (at Radisson Metrodome) with my perverse ideas for new items to market. When Peter Mendalson made his colorful retort to Starbuck's CEO Howard Schultz a few months ago,...
... I suggested they put it on a paper cup, as the thought for the day. They loved my suggestion and laughed heartily. Would they pass it along? (Response: "YOU HAVE GOT to be kidding!") More recently, I suggested that they ought to start a new drink for me: Chili Chai Mocha. (Don't think "Chili Cheeze hot dog" at the same time you consider this or you could gross yourself out.) Anyway, I know the shot of white chocolate with the soy chai works well -- I just haven't had the nerve to walk in with a "picolo" sized shaker of McCormick's chili powder and say "Here! Do it!."

But I'll get around to one of these days.


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