3. Red Stag

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Red Stag-- great steak, disgustingly high price. And I can't stand snooty wait staff; I mean at the Red Stag they're nice, but why do I get the feeling that they are always ready to start pouting, like I'm an over paid bankster and I'm going to throw a bailout tantrum or start a food fight or something? Maybe their underwear is a little too tight,... or lacy... Don't get me wrong, this doesn't happen just at Red Stag; it happens at any restaurant where the main courses are above $15. If you go into a good restaurant with reasonable prices, you get served by waits who like the food, and they probably aren't abused. Much better atmosphere.

Again, don't get me wrong. The food was good, and I'd go again....if someone else pays. Maybe you can get some TARP funds?

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This won't work for lunch...but on Tuesday nights at Red Stag they have "Cheap Date Night" where you get a bottle of wine, two entrees and dessert for $32.

It's a fixed menu (last week when I went the entree was seafood stew--or squash for non-meat eaters) and the dessert was an ice cream sandwich.

Not sure how long the deal lasts, but thought I'd share.

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