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Crescent Moon

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This isn't nearly as convenient as Heavenly Daze, but it's moved in from NE Minneapois, so it's better than it was:

In SE Como (any #3 bus) at 15th and Como is a new branch of Crescent Moon, which is a NE Minneapolis place. (Bus riders, get off at the 15th & Como intersection and walk across the street.)

Their first shop is in NE Minneapolis, where it's gotten good reviews in MM, Citipages, MSP and other restaurant rating columns. The last review I read was "Ought to be famous"

Crescent Moon is vaguely Afghani, but one of their signature dishes is "football pizza" I am in love with their gyros! -- totally unlike the Mediterranean-influenced gyros I've had other places around town. I'll keep going to Zakias, Dinos and Holy Land, but the gyros at Crescent Moon are in a different category. The gyros are closer to a "steak sandwich" if steak sandwiches came with beautifully seasoned and tender meat, perfectly cooked (and mostly, they do not come that way).

Here's the review page

What works for libraries: very generous servings, and they have a "feeds twelve" for $140 take-out that looks like a very good deal. Full price for that would be $170 That one is all kabobs, tikkas, Kourrma and suchlike, generous servings, by my book.

Pizzas start at $6.99 for a small, plus 99 cent additional toppings. I noticed in the window they have a 6" pizza special for $3.99--I think. Check that before you chase it, it might be $4.99.

All meat is hallal, and the pepperoni is actually beef. The lamb, though, is the star of the show as far as I'm concerned.


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