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Tea House

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I got a strong recommendation from Meghan Lafferty (Chemistry Librarian) for Tea House, which just opened up a new location at 2425 University Ave, near Caspian Bistro. Here's a taste to whet your imagination:

  • Scallion pancakes
  • Family Tofu Rice Bowl
  • Szechuan Tofu
  • Spicy Bamboo Tips

They're open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and take out!

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Tofu House

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Tofu House, the newest edition to the restaurants at Oak and Washington, gave me a great first impression! Most of the items on the menu are combinations of tofu and meat, but they made mine vegetarian by request. In just a few minutes, they brought out my piping-hot Curry Tofu with potatoes and carrots along with a bowl of rice and four delicious appetizers: a spicy, fresh cucumber and onion dish, some spicy cabbage dish, bean sprouts and carrots that had a hint of peanut, and something as yet unknown but delicious. Combining these dishes in different ways kept my tongue guessing, and I was altogether very impressed for $7.99.

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