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How do I add a new user or change an existing user's roles / permissions on my blog?

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If you're adding a new user, just log into UThink, select your blog from the dashboard, then go to Manage > Add Users. Here's a page that explains the different user roles: http://www.movabletype.org/documentation/administrator/managing-users/roles.html

If you're trying to change a user's roles and all you see is "add" and "delete", you don't have to delete and re-add. Follow these steps:

1. blog.lib.umn.edu > Login > Select your blog > Manage > Users


2.Use "Add users to this blog" to modify an existing user's roles. No need to delete and re-add the user. I know how crazy that sounds. This screenshot also shows that you can check the box next to a user and click "Remove". You can also click the X next to an individual role of an author to remove that role. For example, someone is no longer blog administrator, but you still want them as an author. So click the X next to Blog Administrator rather than using Remove.


3. Enter in a comma-delimited list of x500s, followed by the roles that you want these individuals to have (even if they already have the role of "author", check the box anyway.)


4. Done!


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  • Note: x500s should be added WITHOUT "@umn.edu". So, "heinz062", not "heinz062@umn.edu".

  • Guest Internet IDs can be added to blogs and receive rights and privileges to edit those blogs. Guest Internet IDs can even be set up to administrate a blog, but they cannot add a new blog or add a new author. With this functionality, anyone outside of the U of M can be given access to a UThink blog, including friends or colleagues at other colleges or universities.

    To make use of this new functionality, first you or your guest must have a guest Internet ID. To create a guest Internet ID please visit the U of M Portal Guest Accounts page.


    Once you have the guest Internet ID, follow the instructions above to add it to a specific blog. When you are adding the guest Internet ID, be sure to add the complete email address of the ID (i.e., goldy@yahoo.com). When you are finished, test out the new Internet ID's access to that blog. Hopefully everything will work A-OK!

    If you have any comments or problems, please email uthink@umn.edu.

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