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Clicking on a blog's RSS feed gives me an error. What do I do?

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If you get an error message like this:

This service is not available

iGoogle is not available for umn.edu. Learn more about Google products you can use with *******@umn.edu.

If you are the Google Apps administrator, please read these articles to learn more about controling user access to Google Apps services and turning services on/off for certain users.

Did you use this product with a different Google Account? Sign out of your current Google Account and then sign in to the account you want.

©2011 Google - Google Home - Terms of Service - Privacy Policy - Help

The problem is with the way your browser is configured to handle RSS feeds. Sometimes clicking on a feed on a website opens up Live Bookmarks. Other times, it opens up Google Reader. This error (above) is from an individual who has her version of Firefox configured to automatically open web feeds in Google Reader. But since she is also logged into U of M Google Apps, she gets this error (above) when she is redirected to her account. That's because Google Reader picks up on the fact that she's logged into an institutional account that doesn't subscribe to that app.

Short-term solution: Log out of U of M Google Apps.
Long-term solution: re-configure your browser. In Firefox 4, go to Tools, then Options, then click on Applications (http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Options%20window%20-%20Applications%20panel?s=applications&as=s). In the list of content types, scroll down to "Web Feeds" and change "Use Google" to "Preview in Firefox" (or another alternative.

That should fix it!

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