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How can I follow comments and activity on a particular entry?

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You might know about the MT-Notifier plugin that's used to sign up for email alerts on blog changes, but there's also a version of this for following a particular entry. Basically, you get a box on the home page labeled "Subscribe to this entry". Email addresses can be added one at a time to sign up.

Here's how you install this plugin:

  1. Log into UThink and select your blog from the dashboard

  2. Go to Tools > Plugins

  3. Click on "MT-Notifier 4.31", then choose Settings.

  4. The very last section is for "Widgets". Choose "Click here to install the MT-Notifier Entry Subscription Widget".

  5. You should now be looking at a new widget form that has already been filled out. I would recommend one additional modification to the code. On the very first line before any other code, type:

    <mt:IfArchiveType type="individual">

  6. On the last line, type:


  7. Save your new widget.

  8. Now go to Design > Widgets to add the new widget to an existing widget set.

  9. Most UThink users will have a widget set called, "3-column layout - Secondary Sidebar". If you use a 3-column layout, I would recommend adding the new widget there. Click on it.

  10. Now drag the widget named "MT-Notifier Entry Widget" from the right column to the left column. The order in which it appears matters. If you put it last in the list, it will appear last. To change the order, drag and drop it on top of an existing widget in that column. You might have to play around a little bit to get it just right.

  11. Save and re-build your site.

Your new widget should appear only on the entry archive pages, not the home page of your blog. Voila! Feel free to contact uthink@umn.edu if you need tips on a different custom application of this entry widget.

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