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How do I create a custom entry field?

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"Title" and "Body" are not the only entry fields you can use. UThink (Movable Type) gives you the option to create your own custom fields for entries, pages, categories and folders.

The following instructions will require basic knowledge of HTML and how to manipulate UThink / Movable Type templates.

  1. Log into UThink and select your blog
  2. Go to Preferences > Custom Fields
  3. Click "New Field"
  4. Select the type of custom field (for entries, for pages, for categories, or for folders)
  5. Give it a name. The description will appear below the field as it appears on a "create new entry" form, for example.
  6. Choose a Type. The most common types are single-line text, multi-line text, checkbox, and radio buttons.
  7. The following fields will depend on the type you chose. U of M affiliates may email uthink@umn.edu with questions.
  8. Basename will be auto-populated for you.
  9. Before you save, grab the "Example Template Code" (select and copy)
  10. Now save.
  11. Go to Preferences > Entry
  12. Under "Default Editor Fields", check the box next to the custom field you just created.
  13. After saving your changes, you can verify that your custom field is working by going to Create > Entry. At this stage, you can save data in a custom field, but it won't appear on your blog until you add the "Example Template Code" that you copied in an earlier step.
  14. Go to Design > Templates
  15. Choose "Entry Summary" under Template Modules. If you created a custom entry field, "Entry Summary" is most likely where you want your new field to appear. "Entry Summary" is often used by the "Entry" Archive Template and the Main Index template.
  16. In "Entry Summary", look for the tags that populate the other fields, like title and body. Look for <$mt:EntryTitle$> and <$mt:EntryBody$>.

Further steps would likely depend on your particular blog setup. If you need assistance, feel free to contact UThink Blog Support at uthink@umn.edu, or check out the Movable Type documentation online. I find the Template Tag Reference particularly useful: http://www.movabletype.org/documentation/appendices/tags/

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