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Using Posterous to post from an iPad to UThink

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I was recently asked how someone could use an iPad to easily upload photos to UThink. My answer: Posterous


  1. First, you'll need your Web Services Password. Log into UThink, then in the right corner, look for "Hi [your name]". Choose that.
  2. Under Preferences, you should see a Web Services Password field with a hidden password. Tap "Reveal" and write down that password. (If there is no password in the field, it's easy to create one. Just edit that field, then save.)
  3. To configure posting to UThink, you have to use the full site, not the app. Go to Posterous.com.
  4. Choose "Sign Up" and follow the instructions.
  5. Once you are logged in, choose "Spaces" from the top, then Create a New Space.
  6. I chose "Blog", then "Public". Follow the rest of the instructions.
  7. With your new Space created, go back to "Your Spaces". There will be a gear icon next to your new space. In that menu, choose Autopost Setup.
  8. Choose "Add a service"
  9. Choose "Movable Type"
  10. Autopost options:
    1. Blog URL: the URL of your blog, such as http://blog.lib.umn.edu/heinz062/uthink-forum
    2. Username or Email Address: x500 without "@umn.edu", e.g. heinz062
    3. Password: this is the Web Services Password from step 2
  11. Now download and install Posterous Spaces from the iTunes store
Creating a post from an iPad

  1. Launch the app
  2. Tap "Log in"
  3. There will be a button in the lower middle that looks like a pencil and paper. Choose that.
  4. Most of the fields are obvious: Title, Tags, Description. The fourth of five options below the description field is where you choose where to Autopost. Tap so that you can choose your UThink blog from the list.
  5. Now finally, if you would like to attach an image to this post, tap the camera icon, first of five options on the bottom. It will give you an option to snap a photo or choose one that's saved to your iPad.
That's it! If any of these steps do not work for you, please contact uthink@umn.edu
You can also take a look at my entry on Posterous and UThink.

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