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Entry 3: Magazine Layout

Find a magazine you like or dislike. Discuss the design and layout of the magazine.

adbusters cover

For the most part, the magazines I read (since they are things I'm interested in) are well designed. And I read things across a variety of demographics. One magazine I was just paging through was Adbusters, and I enjoyed turning every page. I know Adbusters likes to be on the cutting edge of things and all their spreads were very post modern. From a design stand point, I liked how they looked at every spread as a new challenge. They don't really take certain layout things for granted. Whenever I've designed spreads for newsletters and stuff, there's always a style that is maintained, so certain problems are already solved. So I see what they have done as quite an accomplishment, because they still maintain a coherent magazine. And every new spread tells a new story.