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Entry 4: Ad Type

For the magazine redesign assignment, I chose to look at BusinessWeek. And when paging through the magazine, one advertisement that caught my eye was for British Airways.

I was blown away when researching BusinessWeek that they charge approximately $85,000 for a full page color advertisement (no idea how long the run time is), then after flipping through the magazine, never finding a really significant ad. Because of the steep price tag, there are only a handful of markets that can even afford (I'm assuming) advertise in here, plus this is a somewhat specific demographic. Almost all the ads are for medicine (Lunesta, Siemens), technology (cisco, HP, Sprint), or transportation (planes, jets, cars).

But almost all these ads seemed pretty cookie cutter. Is it because of the companies? The reader demographic? Or because they're blowing their whole advertising budget just to get something in the magazine. Whatever the reason, few ads were anything I would look twice at. However, there was an ad for British Airways that was interesting. It was adverstising there flatbed service for the businessman on the go, and all the major hubs they fly in and out of. The bedding is a map, and all the cities are positioned on the sheets, with bigger cities in larger type. The type is knocked out, and some gets pretty small, but there is enough contrast to keep it readable. The body keep was a sans face in a sort of slab style, and was full justified, but there weren't any awkward rivers or major gaps.

The more modern type choices, and strong contrasting colors really made this ad pop out amongst the rest of the magazine.