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Entry 6: Future of Magazines?

As a self proclaimed environmentalist (I use the term loosely), I'm all for cutting down on the use of materials. But it'll be an uphill battle.

I think we're not that far away from more and more businesses becoming paperless offices, but it only seems to be catching on in the younger, more contemporary businesses. And generally, magazine print houses are old, established powerhouses.

I see technology as being the major hinderance of doing away with print magazines. Right now, most people would rather not read for an extended period on a screen. Although, this may change in the near future with digital tablets that will function as books.

While we may not be there yet, I do think in the near future, printing will become less and less prominent. But not because people would rather buy new technology, but because people will demand their information faster and faster. Web 2.0 and Really Simple Syndication are still in their infancy and are really only being talked about by the online community, but the technology is so user friendly that everyone can use it and see the advantages of it, its just getting people to try these new fangled things thats the hard part. People just get use to doing things a certain way and are reluctant to change, and thats the battle that the digital magazine will have to compete with. There will have to be certain features of the digital magazine that'll encourage people to use it (like archiving content, searchable information, interactivity, etc).